Customer Reviews

  • Nice & Simple

    by BigBlueWorld
    A handy EQ plugin to have to clean up the top and bottom end on your channels
  • Amazing

    by Hadley
    Such a handy plugin to have
  • Cleansweep V2

    by Spinncontrol
    I used this on some mixes and it really opened up the depth using the " any channel Cleaner" - thats just the start so far...I really Love the Plugin Alliance products...
    Spinncontrol Productions
  • Love this thing.

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    Taming crappy digital hi hats and badly recorded cymbals is super easy with this thing. It has become something I just reach for instinctively, like having the attenuator band of a Pultec on speed dial, but with a lot more precision and audio fidelity. That its free is just amazing. Lots of the most useful PA plugs are the free ones, I find.
  • Cleansweep

    by Revival Audio
    No need to ignore this one
  • Basic tool for complex issues

    by UB
    Simple and highly efective at the same time. Very handy to cut the low end or high end as well as to isolate some frecuencies. It not cpu taxative and very easy to use. Looking forward to buy the big brother ;)
  • Presets

    by Razorap
    Love this - Really great for getting clarity where it's needed
  • bx_cleansweep V2

    by Roch
  • Great trim plugin

    by guillermopulos
    The reason for writing this review is that I have noticed that the plugin I use the most is bx_cleansweep_v2.
    It is essential for: Canal Trim Gain, High Pass Filter, Sometimes Low pass filter, Sometimes I use two instances in the same channel. For example first Trim of the channel and another after a compressor.
    It uses very little CPU. I recommend it absolutely.
  • Cleansweep V2

    by Ken
    Makes a big difference right away and is so easy to use. Highs cleaned up immediately, lows rolled off in a way that sounds perfect right away. Incredibly transparent and lends the desired effect of lending more focus to the track. Amazing tool! Thanks!