Customer Reviews

  • cleansweep v2

    by tdot867
    awesome free filter. useful to cut out frequencies and clean up your mix.
  • SWEEP!

    by $$$BILL
    It CLEAN$E and it SWEEPS 8ight! ITS T8!
  • bx_cleansweep V2

    by Alex van ReeVe
    One of the best Hi'Lo-Pass filters on the market. Love it for its functionality.
  • Surprised

    by Mixtur
    I have to admit I was skeptical about this plugin, but I had to get it after trying it on a few tracks. It´s obviously best to adress issues while recording or mixing, but this plugin can really help you get there quickly with professional results. You might be able to get in the same ballpark with a carefully tuned dynamic eq but this is just so convenient and I never got it to sound as good myself.
    Plugin Alliance response
    What are you missing for a 5th star? Thanks!
  • Audio

    by ntvHD
  • BX)cleansweep

    by Calkutta
    I must admit that I was skeptical about Plugin alliance, as I was really unfamiliar with their products. But, with this, and the others that I have used, I found them clean, powerful, and a part of go favorites in post-production. I highly recommend it.
    Plugin Alliance response
  • Cleansweep

    by Niklas wag
    Low Cut on the Mix Bus
  • 很有用的插件

    by liuyanbochang
  • Clean sweep

    by MrB
    Such a nice tool for filtering, thank you PA for such a great plugin
  • Review

    by Alex Aguilar
    Great free tool!