Customer Reviews

  • This blew me away

    by Antti R
    I've been a heavy user of PA plugins for quite some time and the quality has always been stellar. Nevertheless, this plugin is the first one that blew me away in a long while.
    Just had a quick test with this on a track I'm mixing and just wow. Haven't have the same feeling of intuition with any other channel strip I've used ( I own BX Console N and SSL E). No bad words about those either but this was some next level stuff. At least to me. This is the first software EQ ever I really enjoy boosting high mids. Everything comes to life instead of just in your face.
    Zero regrets of buying this on an impulse without testing beforehand because I knew I can count on Brainworx to do their magic.
  • bx_console Focusrite SC

    by Just Another Peasant
    I have to say in all honesty this is my new favourite plugin.
    It is a very very nice piece of work indeed. It is very easy to dial in a great tone with this console emulation. It makes most other plugins obsolete. Worth every penny!
  • good

    by gdrecords
    good sound good plugin
  • my DAW is alive now

    by maxhigh
    I haven't been this excited over a plugin before. It really has changed how it feels to work on my DAW, I actually feel like I'm working with a high-end hardware console. The preamp is transparent yet adds depth and the eq has some serious mojo! I have so much ore confidence in my mixes now. Blows the Waves SSL e-channel out of my workflow.
  • Focusrite

    by Chuck Baker
    I like this plugin strip! It's very versatile and adds a welcome finished edge to the sound. The eq curves work well, and I can dial in the sound I want quickly. Not too hard on the cpu, and also looks great. Highly recommended!
  • OMG

    by bilal
    I can't believe how good this console is. The sound to start with: clarter without aggressiveness and warmth without having the lack of definition that can result, I do hip hop and although it was not the original purpose of this console it is perfectly suited to this style , I can’t imagine a style of music that wouldn’t work. The worflow: to summarize it gives me the impression of working with real material, the equalizer is so well designed that it makes me forget to use my other more analytical plugins and finally focus on music rather than on frequency curves. Kudos to Brainworx for making this plugin, only true music lovers can achieve this thing. Thank you
  • Beyond My Expectations..

    by Goldenchild / WM
    This Channel Stripe is beyond amazing. The EQ's, High/Low pass compressor are all phenomenal. The high end is something else. Since I've gotten the Focusrite SC I'm finishing mixes in less than half the time I use to & they come out better than before, this is just amazing to me. It's a no BS Channel Strip.. Clean, Precise and very intuitive. Plugin Alliance / Brainworx I don't know how you guy's came up with such a great sounding plug and may I say slept-on plug. My one two punch.. Console Focusrite SC & 80 Series you can't go wrong.
  • Simply, I LIKE IT A LOT!

    by JesusReigns
    I've never used the real thing, but all I know is this plugin sounds great to my ears. I like to crank up both the V Gain and THD to the max to add the noise and analog vibe. Then I randomize the stereo channels, and add a few decibels of HF shelf EQ. That's enough for me to open up a mix. No need to go heavy with this plugin to sweeten up things! God bless!
  • Better Mixes!

    by EnriqueDeLaPaz
    This has become my go to plugin for Snare Bus, Overheads, Vocals and Guitars.... But it works great on anything you can throw at it, 6.8 high freq sounds amazing on guitars, and the compressor lets my cymbals shine, and pump on transients! Im a super fan of the signature focusrite sound, i would describe it as Bold and Clean, with a bit of THD you can get an interesting result because i own the real preamp unit which is intended to be super clean and vibey at the same time, if i was to compare it against other channel strips, i would describe this one as a Bold, yet shiny block of sound, its feels SUPER solid, not as neve on the thumpy low end with grainy mids, or ssl with the present cutting midrange, this one is the balance between those! Its uniqe, not your usual channel strip, this is the first focusrite based channel strip plugin in the market (aside from official Focusrite Red Plugin suite, which i love as much as this) And i love it!
  • Tonka Truck big

    by adogg4629
    I didn't do any aliasing distortion tests on this yet, but It left me with a great first impression. The UI is big. I mean really big. It looks like this gaudy mess taking up a significant percentage of your screen real estate at 1920x1080, less so at 2560x1440. I have no respect for anybody who would have a larger resolution screen for a computer (unless that screen is 70 inches large).
    It takes a few beats to get used to the size of the UI, but once you start turning the nobs (and I mean REALLY cranking them) the results are very satisfying. It's a rare plugin that is just a joy to use.
    As always I'll give it another star if it manages to keep aliasing distortion under -70db at 44.1Khz.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Maybe before you do advanced aliasing tests you may want to read the manual regarding the GUI size. This plugin can be scaled from 50% to 150%, so it should fit virtually any screen and please any taste.