Customer Reviews

  • Unique sound, reach functionality

    by Shaw
    Got it free from Focusrite. I personally find Focusrite sound kinda picky on sources, but when it works there are really a number of tools on this single channel strip, even a de-esser!
    Brainworx TMT is really interesting, bringing in the subtlety of variations that make things sound more realistic. I'd wish TMT randomizing the channel numbers upon plugin loading, which will save some time setting them up.
  • The First

    by Guy from Canada
    I have tried all sorts of console plugins....waves, slate digital, and even the N console. This is the FIRST one that actually brings me back to using a real pro console. Ironically enough, the bottom end on this reminds me of the neve more than the N console emulation. Well done, I am legit convinced.
  • Pretty Stripper

    If I had to use one word to describe this console it's "pretty"! Not on everything I do (I do some acoustic mixing, content creation and commercial broadcast) but I love how clean this sounds. From music to VO work, this makes your tracks sound so clean, big and professional. Definitely recommend!
  • Focusrite SC

    by sean fullerton
    Thankfully I got to record in Studio A at Ocean Way Los Angeles on their beast. At the time, I didn't fully appreciate just how musical it can be... but like that console, it's nearly impossible to get a bad sound from this plugin — extremely rich, colorful, and gorgeous sounding. This Tone Monster will resurrect anything from the dead :) and make it sing!
  • Focusrite Console

    by Henri Laurie
    Severely brilliant, accurate and precise... MORE than I expected and true to the legendary... almost mythical Focusrite SC, probably THE BEST plugin for everything I need.
  • Focusrite console

    by ALjman
    This channel emulation is simply wonderful. I use it on most of my tracks now. Very clear and warm. I use this plugin more than any other on a channel.
  • Focusrite SC

    by CassidyGT
    Just replaced all the track plugs on a mix with just this console plugin. Amazing. Big, open, full. Could not be more pleased.

    by Misfit Nino
    Amazing plugin, just like the rest included in the mix and master bundle
  • Amazing

    by FTN
    This thing is unreal. Clean, crisp, but very musical. Gets you a top-40 vocal sound in seconds!
  • Clean and superb!

    by MB
    I like channelstrips and this one i use quite often to sculp a sound.
    Its very clean but often this is what i need.
    what i like on channelstrips is that you know the ones you use very well after while. This one is a goto plugin - get it if you need a clean but good sounding channelstrip plugin.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot and enjoy your new tool!