Customer Reviews

  • Focusrite Channel

    by audio911
    I used to own a pair of 110/130 modules in the 1990s. They were incredible sounding but not too reliable (noise, switches, etc.) I sold the units when the ISA 430 Producer packs came out and still have all four of those units to this day. Focusrite came out with the ISA 110/130 TDM plugin and I quickly adopted that plugin as my go to on every session. As soon as the bx_Focusrite SC was released, my jaw dropped. It was spot on to the original hardware that I remember owning without all of the problems of old analog gear. There was a bug in Version 1.0 (32bit) that was later fixed in the 64 bit version of the plugin. I upgraded my entire Protools system from a (32bit) HD3 system to a (64bit) HDX system just so I could use this plugin. Outstanding work on this plugin. Now, I have to get myself to stop using the SSL 4000 plugin! LOL!!!
  • Focusrite

    by element4audio
    Very nice, the mids freqs are beautiful. The compressor have a weird behaivour on my DAW, different volumen on L and R channel.
    The tone is really good, I liked a lot, I have all the bx consoles emulation, and is very good.
  • I finally couldn't resist...

    by MCCdusk
    ...and I am glad that I didn't. I totally fell in love with its eq section. HP & LP are among the best sounding emulated filters I've heard so far. Another real highlight is the de-esser, which can also work as an upward expander. A real swiss army knife in many, many mixing situations. Focusrite SC perfectly coexists with Brainworks' SSL & Neve channel strips. Chapeau!
  • The only channel strip necessary

    by Edgar Cortes Angarita
    This plugin compelled me to write my first review
    It is a truly useful and great sounding, the comp, de-esser and filters are so smooth they alone pay the price of admission. And still it has great EQ to boot.
    I work 70% of my time in post production and having something like this for tens of dialog tracks saves me hours and CPU resources farming out the comp, gate and de-esser from other plugins.
    And something pretty great is the ability to color the sound with vintage circuitry or pure digital path.
    It's flawless on vocals, and just by throwing orchestral and instrumental stems into it makes a world of difference.
    Try it, and go ahead and buy it
    Great work Brainworx
  • Bx Focusrite studio console

    by MITCH
    Wow just great! This channel strip just sounds killer so fine and yet indescribable by definition, it just sounds really good!
    With the focusrite Isa pre amps you can simply feast your ears !!
    Crystal clear sound and a dynamic available where I have never heard of any other channel strip. The Eq very fine but very defined the compressor just fat so soft but punch without end!
    Also the CPU usage, worth noticing how low it is
    16 channel drum recording and on each channel focusrite console not even 15% load !!
  • Amazing

    by B-Cide
    I love this plugin, I watched the documentary on the console and I wanted a plugin of it so bad since I'd never be able to record on one, I saw this was done by Brainworx and have had it on my wish list since it came out. I got a Christmas special on it for $69.99 and and feel bad because that was a steal for how amazing this VST is.
  • Absolutely Amazing

    by mightywarsaw
    It took me a little while to get a hold of this particular channel strip, but after repeated use I can say there is truly nothing like it. Without a doubt the most powerful, full, and incredibly smooth-sounding tool in my plugin library to date. I think this a must-have for anyone, regardless of the genre. Brainworx really knocked it out of the park with this one. Great job!
  • Vintage big + modern clean

    by Sky
    The new Focusrite SC audio demos caught my attention, and your generous holiday promotion lured me in - thank you Dirk!
    In production I've gravitated toward the fast / clean sound of modern high-end op amps and solid state, but also want some controllable transformer warmth. I like tubes occasionally for flavor but generally prefer solid state.
    To my ear, your new Focusrite emulation nails what I've been looking for. I just applied an instance to a solo grand piano track and - wow. I'll describe the sound as big, crystal clear and delightfully strident (as intended) in the upper mids. I now have a template as my starting place for piano recordings.
    Thanks also for your link to the documentary video about the history of this console. I did not realize that Focusrite had released their 100 series technology as a commercial large-format console, and then only ten of them. Learning about the adventures of these consoles out in the world is truly fascinating.
    I now have BX N, SSL and Focusrite consoles in my toolkit, and this one is my new favorite. Kudos to your developers for an excellent release.
  • Aqua

    by Francisco
    Congratulations very, very excellent ...!!
    Plugin Alliance response
  • bx_console Focusrite SC

    by A€
    As a long-time studio musician, producer & remixer; it took about 30 seconds for the Focusrite channel strip to make me a believer.
    A bit of background... I recorded professionally for the first time at the age of 7 in Nashville and spent many years as a live musician & vocalist before transitioning to mainly a session musician & eventually producing. Simply put, I am far from being a newcomer to professional audio recording and well remember the days when having a studio at home for a normal musician/singer was just a dream.
    The Focusrite SC was the second brainworx plugin that I gave a serious try out and within 30 seconds I was hooked. The mix sounded more open and spacious and had a depth that I love and
    I didn't have to spend hours tweaking settings to get the sound I love.
    My one complaint is that it is a bit resource-hungry but there are work-arounds to keep that from being a serious issue.
    I own and use a variety of plugins (several channel strips as well) and they all have their place and uses but the bx_console Focusrite SC quickly became my go to channel strip.
    Great work brainworx!! This is definitely a hit!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!