Customer Reviews

  • Focusrite SC

    by CassidyGT
    Just replaced all the track plugs on a mix with just this console plugin. Amazing. Big, open, full. Could not be more pleased.

    by Misfit Nino
    Amazing plugin, just like the rest included in the mix and master bundle
  • Amazing

    by FTN
    This thing is unreal. Clean, crisp, but very musical. Gets you a top-40 vocal sound in seconds!
  • Clean and superb!

    by MB
    I like channelstrips and this one i use quite often to sculp a sound.
    Its very clean but often this is what i need.
    what i like on channelstrips is that you know the ones you use very well after while. This one is a goto plugin - get it if you need a clean but good sounding channelstrip plugin.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot and enjoy your new tool!
  • Sweetness

    by Dan Wilder
    One of my go-to strips if I really want to spice up vox!

    by U-P the Producer
    I have been mixing records for over 20 years. I don't think I have ever mixed records that sound so smooth, rich and warm as when I used this plugin. It releases a mood to songs that seem to capture the original intent of the recording. One of the best console plugins I have ever used.
  • My first Plugin

    by Santiago Rojas Ochoa
    Fabulous emulation, I love this sound
  • bx console Focusrite SC

    by fretbone
    The right tool for the job ! It does what you expect, gels tracks, I use it on individual tracks as well as the master bus. The result is a polished mix. This gives me the right feel, listenable and clear. I tried all the bx channel strips and the Focusrite beats them all. My genre is modern guitar country and blues rock. I suggest trying it out for yourself.. I was pleasantly surprised.
  • WOW!

    by musicsynctank
    I'd just finished and delivered a mix that I was really pleased with... then downloaded the Focusrite SC demo and used it to replace the HP filter, EQ and Compressor I was previously using on the lead vocal just to see if it made a difference (my plugin collection is pretty extensive - all the major plug companies). I couldn't believe what this did to the dynamics and the top end. Both SO SMOOTH and consistent. Bought it immediately. Now I've played with the other features (just flippin WOW!), it's my new best friend. Lovely interface too!
  • Excellent channel strip/pre

    by Timm
    This is a WONDERFUL plugin. When working with existing material from customers I gain stage nearly every VOX, synth and percussion track through an instance of this plugin. It has a similar vibe to the hardware ISA 430 MkII in terms of shaping - but much less complicated than the hardware ( and of course completely recallable ).
    The Gate and de-Ess are super-handy for VOX tracks as well as general transient taming; the compressor, IMO, is most useful between ratios of 1.5 and maybe 3; I don't love compression as much above 3 unless you dial back the blend (comp "mix"). For VOX specifically: I front the chain with an instance of "bx_console Focusrite SC" - often right in front of Melodyne although it might show up again on my stems.
    The EQ on this product is truly organic and I must say the mid-to HF boost/cut EQ ranges are just magical without adding harshness/muffling. LF EQ does the job but if I needed to apply significant LF adjustment I might keep it flat in bx Focusrite & choose a different tool (such as multiband compression or dynamic EQ).
    Full price might still be justified for this one but don't pass it up when on sale.