Customer Reviews

  • Excellent Plugin

    by Alain Gaston
    Since I got bx_control V2 I have not stopped using, to monitor, adjust in mono and to expand the stereo field, is excellent plugin, makes me very happy ...
  • One of this "must have" plugin

    by Goodwilly
    It is really one of this "must have" plugins, which U try and can not believe, U worked without! Very simple, but with all possibilities to check tracks, groups, submixes and change the layer of main point on it - there is no other plugin on the market, which could do the job!
  • bx_control V2

    by Jack
    Finally a way to use my non-m/s plugins in a mid/side mode. Couple that with the solo-in-place functionality and the other mid/side stuff and this one's a winner. The only problem is not all daws support multi mono plugins which the control V2 needs.
  • Bx Control

    by Aron
    Bx control is a great plugin for the price, it has a great meter and is indispensable for manipulating the Mid/Side independently.
  • bx_control V2

    by Zargg
    A very nice metering plugin, with lots of options.
    Recommend it
  • Fantastic!

    by Musician B.
    It is very useful plugin. Must have!
  • useful tool

    by ramitech
    this is one of the best and useful product for monitoring m/s
  • bx control V2

    by Pinellimusic
    The bx control V2 is a very basic, though extremely useful tool. I enjoy having such many options in just a single plugin. Simple and good.
  • Bx_control v2

    by Darko
    This is a great stereo control plugin. I primarily use it for the mono maker as well as mono refrencing (although it can do much more). Having this quickly available at such a high and transparent standard has been very valuable.
  • Bx_control is awesome

    by Pluvi0
    When i add this on my mixbus it quickly gets my mid and side mix where i want it to be. It was the one plugin ive been searching for but finally found. Plugin Alliance makes my favorite plugins.