Customer Reviews

  • bx control V2

    by Rasec
    Great sound! easy to use it. fantastic
  • BX_Control

    by JH Studio
    I bought this because it was on sale thinking that I didn't really need it. Now I use it all the time and it makes my life easier the more I do. Having a L-R swap and the mono maker, along with a stereo widener is such a great idea. What a perfect utility plugin this is!
  • Must have for everyone

    by Richard
    What's not to like about this little beauty. It's the first plugin i add to my master when i'm starting a new project. During the song you can easily check how to track sounds in mono. I always use the mono maker for managing my bottom end and offcourse the stereo width to widen the track. Love it!
  • Nice toy

    by Alex Hepting
    Already visualizing some ideas for Midside processing effects. This one is a creative booster. Alone the width parameter of 400 percent is very huge. (you wouldn't use the full width because of any monocompatibility but it is essential to realize how it could sound)
    Only missing some weighting and k filters from the bx meter to round it up.
    The horizontal meter offers way better workflow but it is just a custom flavor.
  • Essential

    by Pheek
    It's one of those tools you want in your starter toolkit.
  • Best Tool

    by GuitarHead
    I use this on the mix bus of every project. Handy having mono and phase reverse available for checking and getting phase worked out. The stereo widening and mono maker is an awesome bonus and very handy as well.
  • Cant live without it

    by groovmekanik
    I work with alot of producers at all different levels and this is probably my most recommended plugin. the importance of a good phase correlation meter when designing sounds, making everything below 100hz mono on the bass bus for the club and checking the polarity to ensure correct phase when layering sounds are all essential. not only does this plugin do all these things but the increase of stereo width is far superior to other plugins and doesn't get out of hand and thats just half of what this plugin can do.
  • Full control

    by AreG
    Extremely useful tool. It is everywhere in my projects now - on single tracks, group tracks and the mix-/masterbus. There is nothing like it out there - the absolute best stereo widening and mono tool, and I love the monitoring options. The whole GUI is so well constructed (just like bx_limiter, the XL knob is pure genius). An absolutely essential tool.
  • bx_control

    by msilber
    This plugin has been the first in my mastering chain for years now. I use it for final gain adjustment of the mix, for creating a mono signal below 90Hz, to adjust the width of the signal, etc. I could not work without it.
  • Good M-S toolbox

    by Ask
    The bx_control has every option and, well control, over M-S stereo you could possibly wish for - both for decoding and encoding. The included metering part is not good in my way of working though, as the dynamic range reported is much lower (roughly 4 dB) than what I'm used to from the old TT-meter and other software. It's not a bug as the bx_meter shows the same, it's a different measurement and/or algorithm. Outside of this, it's a great tool!