Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful

    by Tommy80
    An incredible useful plugin, i put it on every project!
  • Excellent Utility

    by Bhang
    I use this plugin far more than I anticipated. It just sounds great and lets me easily clean up the lows while widening the highs. Extremely helpful plugin.
  • Andre Mota

    So far the best stereo image plugin I know fantastic for my mixes.
  • Presets

    by Razorap
    Easy to use with just the best results. A must for me..
  • bx control V2

    by Mako
    Very simple and useful tool.
    It's perfect for monitoring without an external control.
    I love the semplicity of the interface.
  • A very needed Plug-in

    by Studio14
    Perfect and easy for Mid-Side Processing, able to adjust the stereo width and a Mono Maker. This Plug-in has features beyond it's price.
  • BX_controlV2

    by Kelvyn
    Like all other PA software the bx_controlV2 is as good as it gets... They’ve been at the top of their game for many years now and it doesn’t look that’s going to change any time soon. One of a handful of developers that one can trust 100%.
  • bx_control V2

    by Igor
    In every Mix on my Master Bus...
  • Very Helpful

    by Rio
    ..definitely a good tool for M/S Processing ;)
  • Precision Stereo Fie;d

    by MixingITB
    You know that "wall of sound" you hear about? This plugin helps achieve that. First off, to anyone that has no idea of what MS processing is will discover very quickly what's happening with the sound. That's because the bx_control has a very intuitive GUI and easily provides an obvious change in the stereo field.
    I use this on individual tracks as well as on the master buss to move a little of the center sounds out to the sides. To manually do something like what this plugin does requires quite a bit of sophisticated side-chaining, building an MS matrix within the DAW by routing buss inputs, and several plugins which simply kills creativity and interrupts workflow. Seriously...plugins like this really simplify tasks so you can just be creative. That is the main reason why I ended up getting it. It does what it says: widens the stereo field, "monofies" the lower frequencies with precision, allows you to listen to the sides individually or together or the middle, and so on. Read the manual if you want more information. I'm just here to give you the glorious highlights.
    It doesn't tax the CPU and its minimalistic interface fits well on the screen, but the level of precision is such that you need something like this as a go-to MS processor. I mean...if you're serious about your work, you need this in your toolbox. If you're not using an MS processor, then I don't know what you're doing but the bx_control has become my go-to for building that wall of sound.
    I've tried other developer's MS processing plugins but they just don't compare to this a long shot. While others are only just processing the amplitude within the MS matrix, the bx_control actually let's you affect specific frequencies in a field. Anyway, read the manual.
    Wrapping things up, if you don't have an MS processor, or just have one that only just spreads the stereo need this to tailor what frequencies are being spread. If you do complex routing for the task of spreading specific frequencies to the middle and sides, you'll find this does the same thing with better results and insanely faster. I highly recommend this plugin as a necessity for any mixing or mastering engineer or creative sound designer.