Customer Reviews

  • Excellent Channel Utility

    by S. Newville
    Ive become pretty accustomed to using Ableton Live's 'Utility' tool. Control is a worthy replacement. Having Mid/Side control makes this a hit. The one and only thing that's missing here (and it seems odd to me that its missing) is a Mute button. Its not the end of the world of course, but I would like to see that added. Then it would be a 5/5 to me.
  • bx_control V2

    by Galaxy Bridge
    I think it's the one plugin I don't want to live without anymore! If you take it away from me, I have to cry :-)
  • Reliable Workhorse

    by Zak Rahman
    This plugin is simple, clean, efficient and powerful.
    It's not a complex plugin, in fact it's rather simple. But it's utility and ease of use speeds up my sessions and gives me more control and better results faster. Not all of us have 40 years of experience in this field, and the documentation is both useful and educational - as usual.
    The combination of metering, M/S and a gain done with Brianworx's level of quality is really brilliant.
    I like fancy plugins like everyone else. But I value these reliable and solid plugins even more. I expect I will use this plugin for years to come.
  • In 2020

    by Percy Pringle
    Its 2020 and this plugin is still one of the most important plugins for me.
  • Wonderful

    by Tommy80
    An incredible useful plugin, i put it on every project!
  • Excellent Utility

    by Bhang
    I use this plugin far more than I anticipated. It just sounds great and lets me easily clean up the lows while widening the highs. Extremely helpful plugin.
  • Andre Mota

    So far the best stereo image plugin I know fantastic for my mixes.
  • Presets

    by Razorap
    Easy to use with just the best results. A must for me..
  • bx control V2

    by Mako
    Very simple and useful tool.
    It's perfect for monitoring without an external control.
    I love the semplicity of the interface.
  • A very needed Plug-in

    by Studio14
    Perfect and easy for Mid-Side Processing, able to adjust the stereo width and a Mono Maker. This Plug-in has features beyond it's price.