Customer Reviews

  • good plugin

    by JB
    i am very used to the fairly similar stock pitch one in Logic( not flex pitch,the one you slap on for quick tweaks),but this seems to function pretty much the same - glad to have it as an alt.
  • useful

    easy to use and power useful
  • Great as usual and cpu friendly

    by Latino
    This is a great cpu friendly plugin with awesome sound i wish that bx team will update it soon and add arabic scales this will make it killer tune plugin for every thing in the market
    Please do it bx
    Arabic scale
    Arabic scale
    Arabic scale
  • Amazing

    by Arrow
    I love this product. You can get the same sound as every other vocal Autotune product out there.
    The biggest competitor, Antares, has a great sound as well. However, props to Brainworx, for changing the music world with it's newest innovation in the industry. Crispy Tuner. Re-made, and created to perform competitively, Brainworx's new Crispytuner, does just that.
    When compared side-by-side, BX_Crispytuner does almost everything Antares Autotune Pro does. Key word, almost.
    The most critical differences comes down to 2 main things I noticed:
    Live usage, Instrument tuning, and CPU usage.
    I compared Autotune Pro by Antares, to BX_Crispytuner by Brainworx, on a single off-key note played synth, no chords.
    They both tuned efficiently, and identically.
    However, when something like sixteenth notes at 170bpm, are being processed at the fastest settings.
    Antares performed better on catching every note. However, the plus side is that both sounded identical when rendered.
    I supposed this is something that intertwines with all 3 points.
    As, BX_Crispytuner uses significantly more CPU than Autotune, in mixing and live mode.
    I can run twice the number of instances of Antares Autotune Pro, than I can of BX_Crispytuner, on every one of my computers in the 3 main DAW's I use. Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One, and Reaper. This is the same in FL Studio, but I hardly use FL Studio these days.
    That is the only reason I gave 4, instead of 5 stars.
    Still a great product, that I am happy I bought. Thank you for this, Brainworx, you're amazing.
  • Excellent Timing by PA

    by AWA
    Just as I was looking for a top quality vocal tuning plugin PA releases this beauty. bx_crispytuner is easy to use, has great features and sounds amazingly clean & smooth. As a subscriber to the Mix & Master bundle bx_crispytuner was added at no extra cost! Music to my ears!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks for your amazing support and sharing your experience!
  • RM

    by RM
    This is an wonderfull Plugin. It is easy to use and it makes their job perfect.
  • "THAT" sound and more!

    by Jordan Brown
    I tried out this plugin because I was looking to recreate a specific sound I had in my head and boy am I impressed!
    It's a full toolbox of cool things you can do with tuning and it does both subtle and in your face.
    It's a fun one to have in the bag for sure!
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    Thanks a lot for your feedback! We're happy to learn that the magic worx for you.
  • Fast & easy

    by RichMusic
    i like the grafical mode, superfast and good sounding results!! Very good start for now!
  • This Tuner is Amazing with 3 Great Modes

    by Petejash
    This amazing tuner has got really great modes to try out.. If you want to do some practical tuning you just use simple mode really quickly.. If you want to go deep great advanced mode is useful for detailed settings. Wide range of modes, makes this plugin unvulnerable. It is nice to have this plugin PA arena.. Cheers
  • The vocal plugin I've been waiting for!

    by Basile L
    Bought it as soon as it got out, been tweaking for a few hours now on three different vocal takes and harmonies, sorted two of them perfect with the simple mode like FINGERS IN THE NOSE... The third one requires more work and I'm walking my way through the advanced mode but hey, what a fast and intuitive product, sonically superb, natural and pleasant! I'm amazed!