Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by Iulian I.
    It's pretty good plugin, has different modes for faster audio correction and a more detailed one that brings lots of tools and more control over correction. What I really love about it is the vibrato option, that is really amazing and also the correction part sounds quite impressive being comparable with more expensive plugins.
    Only thing it's really missing is ARA support, this would make it an awesome plugin, that's the only reason I'm giving it a 4 stars. Right now it's quite annoying when you correct an audio clip, make a copy somewhere else in the project and have to do the correction part again. Right now the only way to overcome that is to bounce to audio file which is not what I really want 99% of the time.
    If you can add that to the plugin it would deserve 5 stars without any questions!
  • Great Plugin. It is a great alternative to Auto-Tune

    by Parag
    Great Plugin. It is a great alternative to Auto-Tune and I would wish in future update please include ara2 integration for graphic tuning.
  • Plugin state

    by Mark
    Overall, very good plugin!
    It handles deep voices well.
    The annoying part is that it doesn't remember the latency mode it's in (live, mixing)
  • crispy

    by mayor
    the best autotune plugin plugin i have used . especially the scaler it is always accurate on giving you the right key
  • All good !

    by Tomette
    A lot of features, it sounds good but not always super natural to my ears. Overall it's a really good one, I hope some update can complete the features like Melodyne and make it sound more transparent. Highly recommended.+
  • Vocal tuning

    by Darkcharm
    I used to use auto tune... used too! Thank you plugin alliance.
  • Mega sale crispy tuner

    by Eldin bassisto
    It can be simple or specific at the same the scale finder, thx mega sale
  • Crispy Tuner

    by amimettalove
    Amazing tuner. I love graphical mode.
    Please bring ARA support and the ability to hear the note when clicking and moving notes like melodyne. One more thing would be the ability to adjust the transition independently of the adjacent note. This product is so good. I bought it and tried it last night. Very very good. I am very happy with it and these couple of additions (I know ARA is in the works) will make it a top competitor.
  • Excellent

    by AxLi
    Basically 2 plugins in 1. Melodyne and Autotune in 1! That's really dope. I am thinking about doing a review on my YT channel, who knows.
  • Yes, it delivers THAT sound, and quickly

    by EPiC_Labs
    For other [admittedly, all but one are free] autotune plugins, I spend a lot of time dialing in what I want. Not only is this the fastest one I've tried, it perfectly suits my needs with the graphical layout and gives me the sound I'm looking for with near lightning speed. It even nails those more subtle corrections if you're not looking to be the next T-Pain.
    Honestly, after only a couple hours messing with this, I wholeheartedly recommend it.