Customer Reviews

  • Improved

    by Daniel Rueda
    With the same quality that its predecessor but with new and fantastic functions that help you to improve the sound of your tracks.
  • Great plugin

    by Papa Branca
    Great plugin, Sounds and works perfect.
    The sad thing is, that it came on sale the day after I bought it. I was sooo angry And still is.
    But the plugin is awesome no matter what
  • EQ

    by DUBFRED
    The BXV3 is a very versatile plugin that does not try to colourise the tone. This is a very precise and transparent EQ that works wonderfully for mastering as well as on individual mix/group channels.
    There are lots of flexible features that make this plugin one of my favourite EQ's for many different situations. The mono-maker and the variable low pass and high pass filters, certainly make this one of those unique and super high end EQ plugins, that you will never forget to employ in your project.
    Cheers P.A.!
  • Perfect M/S EQ

    by chris_the_beard
    This EQ is awesome. You can really do a lot from broad strokes to surgical adjustments. Subtle to extreme. The "mix" version of this plugin (included) is a great all-purpose eq.
    What's really cool about this EQ is the mid/side function. This gives you incredible control and shaping power over your mid and side signals. It's indispensable on the master bus and useful on stereo tracks too. I love this on guitars, because I can really widen the sound of a stereo guitar track and EQ room for the vocal in the center, while bringing out the detail on the sides.
    The dynamic EQ section is essentially a de-esser, which gets really cool when you consider that there's one on both the mid and side channels. You can get really creative with this.
    The presence and bass shift controls are really musical and useful too.
    Awesome EQ. Everyone should have this.
  • bx digital V3

    by Pieter
    I own bx digital V3 and also V2 as well and use them in Mastering and the result is fantastic.
  • Producer

    by Mozorea
    This is AMAZING !!!!!
    My favorite EQ Plug-in !!
  • Brainworx bx_digital V3 plugin

    by Geraldo Estrela
    The Brainworx bx_digital V3 plugin is a fantastic plugin for mixing and mastering audio, Brainworx bx_digital V3 is a plugin that every music producer and mixing technician and mastering technician need to have this plugin in their collection of plugins.
    Brainworx bx_digital V3 makes it possible, through its fantastic resources , to elevate any audio mixing and mastering to a final result of the highest possible level imaginable.
    Brainworx bx_digital V3 is indispensable for all audio recording studios and since home studios to the largest audio recording studios on the planet.
    The resources of this technology are fantastic, but fantastic same !
  • Great plugin

    by Alex Hepting
    I 've been missing a proper eq. Stock eq' s from a DAW just do some cuts using them will begin to sound lush.
    The two separate versions for the mix and master let you decide which type of mixing you are applying.
    Fun thing that you can use it as a de-esser.
    Using bx digital i would throw away one half of the eq plugins, that's it!
    A very useful gain parameter to invert the filter, not just for mastering. Shapes the tone like no other eq.
    Some suggestions for future versions:
    * frequency masking on listening / machine learning results on resonaces that can align notch filters automatically
    * EQ match (frequency curve of one shoot sound or drum hit)
    * RT audio display
  • what a wonderful plugins

    by teen wei
    i can't mix and master without it! best of best MS EQ
  • bx_digital V3

    by 4th Disciple
    This eq is a must have for removing problematic frequencies and correcting the stereo field in a mix. One of my secret weapons.