Customer Reviews

  • One of the best EQ plugin

    by Edward Selberie
    All I can say is this is one of the best EQ plugin. I don't know if there is any EQ plugin out there that can do what this one can. I am still learning the features, but since buying, I have not done any mix without it. It has excellent filters, dynamic eq, m/s eq, mono maker, bass and presence shift, stereo width, excellent sound and lot more. Is there any eq plugin out there that can do all this?
    Judge for yourself and just buy it. Thanks BX.
  • BX_Digital V3

    by Little Cloud
    The preset in this unit make it the most valuable EQ I now have. My true and heartfelt comment about this new purchase of mine is that I'm choosing it for almost everything I need now. Probably like you I love sound... any lover of sound (who spends 16 hour days totally lost in the enjoyment of creating sonic places) who comes across a working tool like this one has another day in their life they will never forget. One day I will investigate the architecture of this incredible equaliser but for right now I'm going to just stay with the presents… More presents more presents more presets… I love Doodling but you guys doing the presets get it so right. Thankyou Brainworx. Oh and at this price don't be silly and let it go seriously I am on an invalid pension and I'm really careful with my spending but the 14 day trial absolutely convinced me that it was a must own. When I saw it at this price it was an immediate decision, I grabbed it.
    Actually I'm going to see some more because this is a truly special unit and the first time I've ever owned an equaliser that has fix it preset like this. I am creating backing tracks, So far I've done probably 400 of them and the biggest issue I have is always getting the guitars and the other ancillary instruments right. My goal is to create a mix as close to the original track as I possibly can given what I have. This equaliser constantly and consistently gets me closer to the mix I'm chasing. It's the first unit I've ever owned that I can honestly say that about and to me that is pretty mine blown actually. It is not style limited either I'm doing everything from 50's and 60's rock 'n' roll to seventies Motown and funk 80s new wave classic pop country power funk and groove hip-hop stuff. I'll now shake my head and say "bloody incredible EQ!" and I mean it!
  • Brainworx Digital v3

    by Protoculture
    Fantastic EQ! A staple on my master chain and really loving the new mix version too.
  • BX Digital V3

    by Kris75
    One of the best upgrades I have done in years! Just when you think a plug in can't get any better, Brainworx update BX Digital. Thanks for making my job easier!
  • bx_digital V3

    by DSpires
    Utterly Amazing. Elevated my mix x3. I'm now a huge fan of bx!
  • Incredible

    by Morris Tellez
    No words to explain why is the best eq ever
  • bx_digital V3

    by Jack
    Once you get the hang of what this plugin can do it becomes a go-to for solving all kinds of problems. I have other eqs that can do some of the same things but not as easy as the V3 and certainly not in just one plugin. For mastering it's a gem and the mix version is getting a workout on some tracks that my other eqs can't handle as well. There's no such thing as a can-do-it-all eq but the V3 comes close.
  • One great EQ

    by Spektorskiy
    I decided to buy this plugin after I had a chance to use bx_digital V2. What I immediately liked about the plugin is the way it saves you from making any unnecessary moves. Auto Listen, dynamic EQ, stereo widening make this plugin a great tool to enhance and clean up your buses and the whole mix without involving any additional plugins. The whole experience is smooth, the mix version of the plugin expands this experience to individual tracks and the sound is nothing but pristine - the filters are really great.
    Might have been godlike with the addition of stronger HP and LP filters, but the ones that are already there are of great help. There's no feature of digital v3 that I do not use or use without pleasure. Nice plugin, elevates mood and helps you clean up the mess. Never regretted buying it.
  • digital v3 EQ

    by The Reverend
    Everything you'd want in a software mastering EQ. Sounds great, really handy solo functions & M/S. My first choice of EQ for mastering
  • bx_digital V3

    by Charles
    Great product. I've replaced the FabFilter Pro-Q with this, as my go-to mastering EQ.