Customer Reviews

  • Brilliant

    by Toton
    This is a brilliant MUST have plugin in your mixing arsenal. I use it on my master bus all the time!
  • Perfect EQ

    hi.. i use my all project this plugin.. i think awesome.. Thanks Plugin Alliance
  • Bx_digital V3

    by Davey
    When you need to sweeten the stereo bus in ways you cant with any other plugin. There is nothing like it.
  • Great but...

    by ronneru
    Great EQ as always, only a little bit confused wondering why you didn't stay with the Q solo feature the same way as in V2... Q solo feature as it was in V2 lead me to better results faster.. I know is a subtle thing but for my workflow is game changing.. that makes me go back in some sessions to V2 and only use V3 the minority of the times..
  • Mix buss fun

    by Tx
    Great mastering eq all ways on my mix buss just get it done over.
  • BX Digital V3

    by MrChunk
    This is a absolute must for in the box mastering. The Mono Maker is Awesome! Bass shift and Presence shift are just whats needed for tweaking a song. The Mid/Side control is amazing!
    Just Buy it!
  • bx digital v3

    by iydrums
    This guy is amazing! Best M/S eq I've worked with for tightening up a mix. Also, the top end eq shelf has a beautiful and immediate tonality. Very unique sound and feature set.
  • A Musical Scalpel!

    by Musician B.
    This is a musical scalpel. The most powerful EQ I've ever used. I definitely recommend it.
  • Re: Studio One 3.5.1 - official discussion thread

    by EKMAP
    when saw Dave Pensado used that Eq and some other to talk about how Bx V3 open his mix, I go on the site and used that plugin as a demo.All I could say I was amazed of how different and sweet it sounds in a way that I could not explain then I send the mix to some people they too could see what this Eq add to the mix. in sum this is a game changer , this Eq is unique.
  • That Magic Tool to make Mono Compatible Great Mixes

    by Ancix
    Bx Digital V3 has been around for a year or two but the moment I put it in my Mastering chain , I get why it has been revered in the audio industry for so long since the days of its predecessor Bx Digital V2. V3 has a lot of additional tools that only makes my work easy. Highly Recommended !