Customer Reviews

  • It screams not only in green but all colours

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    The only criticism is it can get a bit fizzy when pushed, but it adds nice harmonic interplay wherever you stick that tone dial.
  • bx_greenscreamer

    by gwp
    Very smooth sounding and sounds great with a slight overdrive into the bx_rockrack
  • Green Screamer

    by Andy M
    A great tool does just what I hoped.
  • Love it!

    by Jacek Strzelczyk
    Bass guitar, electric guitar, whatever you want. It's a great tool. I've tried UAD version also but BX is more aggresive and much brighter. Take it, coz it is worth every penny. \m/
  • bx_greenscreamer

    by thrashman
    Great plug-in!
    Very good sound. Can be used as overdrive. It's great to sound in conjunction with bx_megadual.
    Отличный плагин! Очень хороший звук. Можно использовать как овердрайв. Классно звучит в связке с bx_megadual.
  • Amazin!

    by Luis
    For me the first emlulation that really work
  • the green avenger

    by Finck von Finckenstein
    there are many clones of the original green pedal around. all sound fine, I have heard and used a few and each and everyone of them had it's upsides and downsides. this pedal is a very good emulation of some of the better versions I have heard. I recently used this on a Beatles-like guitar track and was able to get the best transients and hights out of the overdrive. I like this thing very much. why not 5 stars? because I still want to believe there's a vintage hardware version out there that sounds better and will be bought by me in the future. which will very likely not happen.
  • It rocks

    by Robert Messner
    Sounds like the original, really great job!
  • Greenscreemer

    by DL
    The greenscreamer plugin I used the first day I got it and it added a dimension for me when I combined it with the Bass dude plugin.
    All of Plugin Alliance guitar boxes add their own character to my guitar tracks
  • Greenscreamer

    by krys
    I use it for electronic music, especially with percussions and synths.