Customer Reviews

  • Useful!

    by Gerard
    Nice tool, works really well for me.
    I know very well the sound of the original pedal, and this plugin version has a very similar feel. I use it mostly on already recorded guitars when I feel need more presence to cut through the mix. My favorite setting is at low drive, using it more like a booster with an extra color, giving me more sustain and fullness sound.
  • Incredible pedal!

    by Henry
    I have a TS-08 and what a surprise with the bx_greenscreamer! I really loved the sound and I think that the sound from this pedal is the best talking about plugins that emulate the TS-08 Tube Screamer.
    Maybe the Hiss sound is the only think that I didn't really like. But the TS-08 do the same sound if you don't have a Noise Gate. For that, I rate it with 5 stars. I hope some day PA emulate a Noise Gate for Guitar and Bass.
  • Sounds like the pedal!

    by Overdrive Music
    Sounds just like the pedal! Does what it says on the tin; it screams!
  • simples e muito funcional!

    by Great!
    Eu utilizo este plugin em tudo, baterias, guitarras, baixos e até em instrumentos de sopro. Entrega presença e um timbre incrível!
  • Noise

    by BC
    I get about 90% of my plugins from PA, they are pretty much some of the best quality out there! But this one, it's pretty noisy, lots of hiss stuff going on, maybe that's intentional, the foot pedal really does have all that noise. It doesn't bump the volume but it's adds it's own character to what's there. I'm sure at some point I'll use it.
  • Okay

    by Les Paul 2550
    Not bad. I’ve got a real one and hate the hiss. When I record I use a DI going through my Lynx Aurora, then into a reamp box. I think I prefer using this in my daw between the DI and reamp box instead of the real pedal since the plugin doesn’t hiss or suck tone like the real one. Not bad, not great but definitely not bad.
  • It screams not only in green but all colours

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    The only criticism is it can get a bit fizzy when pushed, but it adds nice harmonic interplay wherever you stick that tone dial.
  • bx_greenscreamer

    by gwp
    Very smooth sounding and sounds great with a slight overdrive into the bx_rockrack
  • Green Screamer

    by Andy M
    A great tool does just what I hoped.
  • Love it!

    by Jacek Strzelczyk
    Bass guitar, electric guitar, whatever you want. It's a great tool. I've tried UAD version also but BX is more aggresive and much brighter. Take it, coz it is worth every penny. \m/