Customer Reviews

  • Monster!!

    by Musician B.
    It is a Monster!!! Love it!!! Thanks Brainworx!!
  • Mesa Double Rec

    by JH Studio
    Oddly enough...this is one of my favorite "clean" amps. This thing can go from James Burton, to SRV, to ZZ Top. Very versatile. Very authentic. I love Boogie amps.
  • Amazing and Smooth

    by Entarsia
    I'm in love. This plugin sounds like a freaking RECORD!!! Buy this and the bass amp plug and you'll have all the tones you need to get things done and add character to what your writing. I just bought it and opened a track and the difference is night and day between the previous tone and my new tone. Using this for good!
  • Dual rectifier

    by Bob w.
    Leave it to these guys to make a great sounding plugin.ill say it again like I did when I got the bx metal pedal plugin.ive tried them all,even the ones that you have to have iLok and security clearance for just to be disappointed when you finally get to hear it.. this one doesn't disappoint.its an all around great amp for many time I need a plugin I'll come right here and not waste my time.. thanks you guys got it figured out.
  • bx_megadual

    by GV
    A faithful emulation. I have a Triple Rectifier, and this thing sounds very similar. It is VERY cool that you can use the power amp/cabinet section separately. If you record with a preamp, you can use this plugin to add the cabinet/room sound. It definitely gives your preamp recordings some beef and space.
  • Yes

    by EA
  • Great amp

    by Edward Selberie
    As a guitar player, it is very nice to have these types of plugins. Lets be honest, do you turn a real amp on every time you want to make a record? No, you use these types of plugins. And when you start to use this plugin, your amp are running the risk of not be turned on that oftern anymore. This amp sound excellent. Thanks BX!
  • Mmmm tone

    by AudioHunter
    Before the RockRack there was this! I find it more difficult to get the tones I want unlike the RockRack plug in but this plug in is still sweet!
    Try it b4 U buy it! I'm not disappointed.
  • top quality

    by JJBOT
    Best amp plugin for rock and metal music
  • bx_megadual

    by Rockrbuddy
    I am a drummer and who does all the engineering for my band. I always appreciate anything that makes the process of songwriting more on the creative side rather than technical. I must say, I am impressed with the quality and realism of the bx_megadual. It lets me get right to work when an idea strikes for a demo but also is great for creating your final mix. It comes loaded with plenty of presets to get you pointed in the right direction and plenty of features for customizing your tone with different cabinets and mic combos. I really like the hi and low filters, noise gate and delay that are built right in. It makes so easy to dial in the sound your after without even leaving the plug in. After coming across Plugin Alliance I have never been disappointed with a purchase. Really top notch! If you need an amp simulator to do what you think it should do, this is it!!! I also own the bx_bassdude, bx_megasingle, and Engl E765 RT. All of which I can no longer do without. Thanks Plugin Alliance!