Customer Reviews

  • Mega

    by J
    I already had several virtual Recta amps from several companies but after using other Brainworx amp models and loving them I had to get Megadual and it sounds fantastic and reacts well to playing dynamics
  • Mega mesa

    by Dear DR
    Love these and the Engl models best in the biz at doing this
  • Pretty cool sound

    by eric b.
    Really nice sounds. Perfect on everything gently apply as FX. Can’t say anything bad it’s easy to use and does great result.
  • REVIEW bx_megadual

    by Cristian
    Hi. the plugins have an excellent sound, a price that is worth paying.
    What I would like is that as I use a screen reader program, called NVDA, that the plugin is more accessible to the blind.
    also the posivilidad to load inpulsos of third, would be excellent. It would also be nice to be able to handle the parameters of the plugin, with a midi driver.
    but in general rules, it works very well.
    thank you.
  • bx_megadual!

    by Michael L
    I have never played the real amp, and I can't make a direct comparison, but I will say that this is a great amp sim! Plenty of great tones available. Used it immediately in a recording and will definitely be a go to in the future.
  • bx_megadual

    by Luis
    amazing sound even the clean channel sound very real !! brainworx! they know what they doing
  • BX_megadual

    by Spinncontrol
    I dont play guitar, but I run Gtr plugins thru these things and it just makes them sing! What else is there to say,,,I mean really?
  • bx_megadual

    by OSAR
    Love that recto tone!
  • Muddy sound...

    by Jacek Strzelczyk
    I have own Mesa DR and it has different sound, brighter, gain is awesome and more aggressive. I'm dissapointed a little bit with this plugin. :-(
    Plugin Alliance response
    Sorry to hear this. I was in the room when we matched the plugin vs our real amp which we modeled, and I can guarantee that the plugin is a very good recreation of our amp. Maybe try the Metal 666 amp in bx_rockrack, it may be more what you like?
  • Natural sounding

    by Mas
    This plug emulates amp saturation very well and I never hesitate to use it in a pinch..!!!