Customer Reviews

  • yes

    by 111
    very cool plugin was very useful
  • sounds like a hairdryer

    by Finck von Finckenstein
    I owned two of those beasts from BOSS as hardware pedals and loved them. I used them as pseudo-filters for my synths and for destroying beats and stuff like that. one went missing, one broke. I moved onwards to creating more and more music with my laptop and never bought the hardware again. then bx released this software version and I was totally excited. now i have as many of my pedals as i like with automation and every advantage in a digital environment. the plugin sounds as good as the hardware minus the buzzing which you would get once in a while due to bad cables. i really like the sound of the distortion and the equalizer is one of my favourites for playing around with sound. I used to make a joke: "on guitars, this sounds like a hairdryer. but an impressive one!" but on synth pads and evolving sounds, this is absolutely my favourite pedal.
  • Industry standards

    by EA
    Staple must have
  • bx metal 2

    by Cotton Jennings
    Great on drums blending it in parallel then flipping the phase and getting the low end to drop.
  • BX Metal2

    by Alleycat
    Great tone.
    It was very easy to get that metal crunch. I highly recommend this.
  • BX Metal

    by Swanee
    Fir a start I love it because it's AAX DSP! Wide palet of sounds, can be just what's needed for that elusive guitar sound that'll poke through. Only negative is distortion is somewhat all or nothing.

    My go to distortion bx metal2 smokin I add it to a guitar track perfect highs & mid & lows great plugin PLUGIN ALLIANCE!
  • Bx metal2

    by Attacker
    Thanks for a very good plugin.
  • Brainworx bx_metal2

    by wylhill
    pretty cool little plugin
  • BX metal pedal

    by Bob w.
    I,ve tried every distortion pedal out I can finally stop looking..not only is this pedal awesome but all bx pedals are. they have great tone range,easy to use,great sounding and worth the money.. don't take my word for it.just try the free demo first.