Customer Reviews

  • Nice One~!!

    by MP
    Nice Work~!!!!!
  • compressão

    by lucio
    uma maravilha, pena que tive que formatar meu HD e perdi, mas se puder lierar novamente, Agradeço
  • Good Opto Comp extremely low CPU

    by Boaz-Chris v.k.
    Really like how Opto compressor works. BX Opto is no different. Clean, musical. Very low CPU. Can easily use 65 of them on every input and barely see any movement in my DSP usage. (I7 16gb ram). Really thankful for that.
  • nice

    by goog
    good very nice
  • bx_opto

    by Rob Fischer
    Lovely! Set & forget with a transparent, beautiful sheen!
  • good

    by nice
  • Nice

    by Ilker S.
    A simple to use opto compressor with dry wet regulator with low CPU consumption, price / performance fits
  • Easy and nice

    by Bunzing
    I love simple compressors that are free of artifacts. Using your ears, it's easy to dial in a sound you like in seconds. I find myself using it on more and more sources, but it's excellent on vocals and bass so far.
  • Clean

    by Mchangani
    I love the mojo it brings into a vocal chain. thick and warm
  • Great Compressor!

    by Joel
    This is a terrific and flexible opto compressor. Really a workhouse, it works well on just about anything you throw at it. I especially like it on brass, it tames trumpet perfectly. Great with woodwinds and piano as well.