Customer Reviews

  • Its a lot of things

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    At first I really didn't get it. It wasn't like it sounded bad or didn't work well, but I was expecting something really noticeable right away. No. Then I got some work going and have some parts that just needed fitting in the mix, and then having them pop out at the right parts. You can do anything you need, in terms of practical, "realpolitik" compression, with this tool. Its also really intuitive in terms of accomplishing those types of compression moves.
    For instance, a very overdriven guitar that is both playing backing chords and the solo, same channel, same take. During the chords while the vocal is on, its pinning back exactly 1db and somehow adding this heft and life. Solo comes in and its going back 3-5 db while sounding totally alive and musically louder, more present. Automating those parts is usually best, but with this compressor it just sounds good.
    Still learning about it, and it looks so simple.
  • opto

    by Rush
    Easy to use and sound great!
  • Brainworx Opto

    by Adrian Symes
    This was bundled with a Pre Sonus Audio box i2 and I use it with Live. I'm still auditioning it across a range of situations but its really quite good. It seems to add air and presence without any nasty coloration of sound or artifacts. I'm starting to use it as a go to plug to improve flat sounding recordings and loops. Tasty!
  • bx_opto

    by DrShelder
    Best comp!
  • bx_opto

    by UnbalancedBeats
    Since I bought the plugin it has become one of my favorite compressors to add color and extra punch to drum group elements. To obtaine transparent or smooth compresion I would use other PA plugins.
    Opto + Subsynth = World Cup winner team :P
  • bx_opto

    by Igor
    Very good Plugin!... Thank You PA!...
  • great!

    by zonik the flame
    super good compresor!!
  • MMM

    by Tommy Lee
    Lots of FET and greatness
  • The most versatile Opto plugin

    by Steve Paine
    No kidding, the Bx Opto is the most versatile Opto plugin out there. It does smooth and natural effortlessly on a huge range of sources. The extremely cunning side chain options mean you can tailor the compression perfectly to fit your objective. If pump and colour are your thing then drive it hard and fast and it really starts to pop.
    I love to use this on lead instruments such as Sax, Guitar and Flute to smooth the sound naturally. It is a dream on Pianos and Organ sounds too. Whilst I prefer other options for lead vocal, the Opto is perfect on the B. Vox buss to keep it all under perfect control.
    Whilst the Opto doesn't aim to emulate any particular hardware piece, it does remind me of my Langevin (Manley) ELOP in its action and that is some compliment!
  • Smooth Comp

    by cabanasbeats
    Smooth compressor. Bought on a flash sale. Worth every cent!