Customer Reviews

  • bx_opto

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    Do not forget that this a better LA-2A emulation than you might think !
    The variable speed knob is what is missing on the real one.
  • Clean and perfect

    by Gearmaster
    it's not a character doer, but it's the best in it, it can be parameterized very precisely, it works very finely, it's very easy to set up. You just have to pay attention to the input signal level and then you can do an excellent job with it in any situation
  • Great!

    by Bruno Gallinate
    Realmente una maravilla, en voces, bajos, bus de batería, acordeones y lo que la canción necesite. Gran herramienta!!!
  • Versatile

    by BluelagoonStudios
    This Opto compressor is very versatile, put it on your drum bus, and it will glue your drums very efficient together. Also if you want a smooth AGC, crank up the compressor and dial the speed to slow. The side chain makes this compressor a great tool. Also the easy way to use will steal your heart.
  • bx_opto

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    A bell curved active sidechain. I use it for taming dynamics on bass and rhythm instruments. Don't underestimate this one!
  • OPTO !!

    by DJ YAKU
  • Really Good Opto Comp!

    This Opto Comp is soooo good and easy to use! Great tone and transparent. Having the sidechain and mix knobs in this plugin makes it very usable in many applications. Great Job Brainworx!
  • Great comp

    by Naji
    One of my fav comps, great on bass and pianos
  • estudio

    by ray
  • Nice One~!!

    by MP
    Nice Work~!!!!!