Customer Reviews

  • Nice

    by Alleycat
    I like using this like it's just another pedal for my guitar and bass. I've heard people say compassion isn't needed for electric guitar, but I disagree. I think this little stomp box sounds great.
    Plugin Alliance response
    What's missing for the 5th star?Thanks.
  • bx_opto Pedal

    by Howard Rabach
    Great little plugin to bring a DI guitar or bass track to life. Colors in a very unassuming way, and really helps add punch without saturation or distortion.
  • its okkk

    by zonik the flame
    good compresor ... limited features
  • Know your pedals well!

    by Maniou
    This pedal can handle any guitar, nice and present!
  • BX_optp Pedal

    by Ebro
    It's allways the first in my guitarchain, ofcourse.
  • Opto Perfect

    by 77Stratman
    This little plugin is the perfect companion for the bx_rockrack, megasingle, megadual and Chandler amps. When you need that extra boost just select one of it's several presets and it will deliver!!
  • bx_opto Pedal

    by Haetni
    A very useful plug-in when I'm quick to find a solution for guitar or bass.
  • Wow

    by Chris Bernhardt
    Wow - no words - this is a red little beast ! Love it
  • Opto Pedal

    by JH Studio
    This is a simple and easy to use plugin that works well on guitar and bass. Set it and forget it.
  • Nice sounding compressor pedal

    by Edward Selberie
    This is a great sounding compressor. I use it mostly on bass tracks. Keep the bass nicely in the mix.
    Great job bx!