Customer Reviews

  • Great!

    by Keith Moore
    Great tone!
  • bx_opto pedal

    by tomb
    Very good sounding opto compressor, finds it's way into a lot of mixes. It has some beef to it which is good, the little light for a meter is not, but I guess tha's reserved for it's bigger brother. Nonetheless, very handy to have around for a variety of uses.
  • Powerful

    by Yamahaguitark
    This little compressor gives me all the dynamic control of an expensive plugin. I use it primarily on guitar and bass tracks, but it has also done wonders on drum tracks. Bravo Brainworx!
  • Finally I gotcha!

    by Faland
    Tried so many compressor pedals in so many Guitar "suites" that I almost lost any hopes to find a right compressor for my need. The opto_Pedal is it. 49 bucks? Wait for a sale, but don't try this plug if you don't like to wait for the next one, 'cause you'll buy it even for the regular price. Then, don't put the blame on me.
  • Not Bad

    by Ahmed Boareki
    tonally it sounds great, but nothing special about it , it is simple but limited , I personally don't know when to use it because I do have better options.
  • Bx_opto Pedal

    by Petra Wewra
    One plugin that must be present on the bass track. its combine the compresor and saturation with very musical ways
  • Brainworx Opto Pedal

    by Shramm Storm
    Don't be fooled by simple GUI, it's small but MIGHTY thing to tighten up tracks :)
  • Great Plugin

    by Mitsu
    Good plugins for Gt effect