Customer Reviews

  • bx_opto Pedal

    by DmitryMOR
    Well in exceptional cases
  • comp-etent

    by J
    I,m not that big on pedals virtual or other but if required I am happy to use this in front .
    It can be used in other ways quite convincingly, for thought that don't have virtual models of optical outboard comps
  • Buen Plugin

    by Mike Herrera
    Me parece interesante no lo uso demasiado pero al utilizarlo da un resultado magnifico.
  • the bx opto pedal

    by bradshack studios
    ive been using bx opto pedal in my studio i have to say this is a great plugin, it sounds great on snare drums for rockabilly snare sounds also blues and rock, it also great on vocals ive been adding it to hip hop vocals. and its at a good price, im loving it lol mario im using pro tools 2018.10
  • very nice

    by DearVR
    very nice for adding character
  • Bass Toner!

    by Mr. Chiboiborn
    Like the fact that this little giant can handle bass with just a few adjustment without getting too technical. 1 & 2 and your done!
  • bx_opto pedal

    by j tayo
    It is easy to use !3 knobs great sounding pedal.
  • Nice

    by Alleycat
    I like using this like it's just another pedal for my guitar and bass. I've heard people say compassion isn't needed for electric guitar, but I disagree. I think this little stomp box sounds great.
    Plugin Alliance response
    What's missing for the 5th star?Thanks.
  • bx_opto Pedal

    by Howard Rabach
    Great little plugin to bring a DI guitar or bass track to life. Colors in a very unassuming way, and really helps add punch without saturation or distortion.
  • its okkk

    by zonik the flame
    good compresor ... limited features