Customer Reviews

  • Great on acoustic guitar

    by armztrong
    I was struggling to make a Spanish acoustic guitar sit well on a mix until I tried this hidden gem. This, a bit of EQ, done. Even if you own other optical-style plugins, try this. It might surprise you.
  • bx_opto Pedal

    by Yuri TovSt'Gun
    I did some experiments with the plugin - I liked the result. I will definitely use it in my new complications.
  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    by Ettienne Lane
    World class compression in a simpler version of the bx_opto plugin. It's the same algorithm but for a fraction of the price. The gain reduction LED is more than enough for visual feedback. I love it. Thanks Dirk and the team.
  • Opto pedal

    by Martin
    Love to try this thing on different jobs. You can't ask more for this price, sounds very good and funny!
  • nice & easy!

    by JB
    useful for a variety of things!
  • Yep it's an opto

    by Nick F
    Sounds like a real-life opto guitar pedal compressor I used to own. Clever. A great option for electric guitar that you're processing in-the-box or reamping. I would recommend the full version for versatility.
  • it's pretty cool

    by riley
    I think I got this free, so maybe I don't appreciate it as much as I would if I paid. It actually put me off from Plugin Alliance for a while because I really liked the idea of the plugin but I didn't like it in practice.
    Now I have lots of bx plugins I really like, so I think it's fair to say this plugin either isn't their best, or just isn't for me.
    I try this on stuff every once and a while and just never find it to do what I need. It seems to always bring out some high end stuff that bothers me, which is not what I'd expect with Optical compression generally. I have had results I like on bass and drums a couple times.
    Lots of people seem to rave about full bx_opto version so I'm curious to try that. I think having the side chain sculpting there would make this compression algorithm way more useful for me. I'd say if you are interested in this plugin, the full version is a better choice. There was once an upgrade option but I think I missed it.
  • comp-etent

    by J
    I,m not that big on pedals virtual or other but if required I am happy to use this in front .
    It can be used in other ways quite convincingly, for thought that don't have virtual models of optical outboard comps
  • Buen Plugin

    by Mike Herrera
    Me parece interesante no lo uso demasiado pero al utilizarlo da un resultado magnifico.
  • the bx opto pedal

    by bradshack studios
    ive been using bx opto pedal in my studio i have to say this is a great plugin, it sounds great on snare drums for rockabilly snare sounds also blues and rock, it also great on vocals ive been adding it to hip hop vocals. and its at a good price, im loving it lol mario im using pro tools 2018.10