Customer Reviews

  • Well, it worked :)

    by Big T
    I had a problem with a badly recorded vocal. It was harsh and very ESS:y. BX_Refinement solved the problem nicely. Very easy to use as well. I have a feeling I will use this on other sounds as well.
  • bx_refinement

    by wiljo
    Makes everything sounds smoother and it's so simple and easy to use. One of my go to- plugins.
  • bx_refinement

    by Gilles
    Great PlugIn, I do not regret to buy it, and I start to use on my tracks and master.
  • Refining

    by Dear DR
    I love me this plugin a lot in place of a de easer it’s cool to be able to roll the harshness off of a signal and to add the presence rite back on within one plugin and then you can add some processing and character using the other options
    Using oscillation and then some .
  • Mix Magic

    by moodZoo
    Mix deadline upon me, of a band though very talented, was very rushed through this recording.... i.e. A little rough around the edges, and a little high on the peaks. I picked this BX Bad-Boy up for just such a conundrum, and slapped it on the Vocal and Melody stem... and on the default setting, BAM! my mix was done :) Cheers guys!! Can't wait to try it on some masters too.
  • Victor

    by Vicsaund
    At the moment, using the bx-refinement on a parallel bus for the of the saturation ... I like to buy .
    P.S Thanks to everyone !!!
  • Bits for Refinement

    by little cloud
    I just used bx_refinement one minute ago...again. I had to compile a vocal for a radio show that was clipped and from 3 different sources. The disparity was obvious and refinement was what I turned to to 'sort it'.
    The radio personality that needed it was happy with the end product again, All thanks to bx_refinement. I quite like the GUI graphics...whoever came up with that layout is a thinker as it explains exactly what it does. Thanks Alliance for these great plugins.
  • Wow

    by EA
    Sounds better than soothe to my ears
  • Nice plugin to control the harshness

    by Martijn van Dongen
    You can use this on on practically everything that sounds to harsh. It has a learning curve but when you know how to use this plugin it does a really awesome job.
  • A Wonderful Addition to the Toolbox

    by m2
    Yes, it’s best to ‘get it right at the source’, but it’s reassuring indeed to have BX Refinement around to deal with harsh sounding source material just in case. I find it uncanny how the plugin can round off harshness without crippling the track’s brightness and sparkle. It also works well on the master bus (with gentle settings) to correct a mix that has grown a bit bright over time. (Without having to mess with individual tracks, avoiding the risk of upsetting the overall balance you’ve achieved).