Customer Reviews

  • This Plug-In Works!

    by Interlop3r
    This plug-in really impressed me. It tames resonances and is wonderful tool on vocals and cymbals, or anything that can be harsh. Really helps me when my ears start to get tired and I feel the need to chase down stray frequencies.
  • Recommended by Dave Pensado

    by [email protected] Horse Records
    This lovely plugin was first brought to my attention by Dave Pensado on one of his "INTO THE LAIR"s ... Needless to say - If Dave uses it, you've got to at least try it, right? Well I didn't, I bought it straight away during the next sale. This thing is rediculously effective. Tames harshness in a way nothing else does for me. I can get similar results with oeksound soothe - but it's not the same, plus you literally only have to turn ONE knob with this one, and get stellar results! The dampening knob alone would be worth it for this one. But then you get a super tasty, subtle saturation that seems to mostly just add harmonics and thickens up your sound in a transparent way, a silky presence knob, and a modulation section to further enhance the dampening added on top! Brainworx has done it again. 6 stars!
  • Sensationell!

    by shellMaster
    Keine Ahnung, wie es bisher ohne dieses Plugin funktioniert hat. Wenn man das Teil gezielt einsetzt, wird man mit grandiosem Sound belohnt. Man eliminiert quasi die "harten" Mitten. Ein 'must have' im Werkzeugkasten...
  • Refinement it is.

    by BluelagoonStudios
    This is the solution if you have a certain harshness and can't EQ that frequency, or it's too broadband to get rid off, than this plugin come in handy, last I had a bass player that ticked the strings too hard and starting annoying clicking, I used the refinement, and it was ok. This was between 1 and 2,5K too much too EQ out.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you very much!
  • Secret Weapon!

    by Faydit
    Secret Weapon!
    One of my best decisions concerning plugins was to buy this one!
    I mostly use it to refine the higher frequency range of guitar tube amp simulations. Works fine with not so good sounding ones, but also can improve even already very good sounding ones.
    As an example, I really like the GAVT19T, but I hardly used the Shape/Intense mode, as it gave me some unpleasantly sharp and – for my taste - too harsh treble, which I did not like but also could not get rid of with different settings. So I mostly used only the Shape/Normal mode, although I would have preferred the tones of the Intense mode with a slightly improved treble reproduction.
    Bx refinement now does exactly, what I was looking for and this excellent. It removes - depending on your settings - some or even a lot of treble harshness, treble sounds smoother, slightly fuller bodied, punchier, more balanced, nevertheless enough freshness, clarity, bite,... will remain.
    I also found harmonics sounding better or seeming to be more present, even if the harmonics reproduction of the amp simulation already has been good.
    Hard to describe as long as you don't hear the differences. The simplest description may be, an amp simulation will sound (even) more like a real, perfectly biased and adjusted tube amp than without this plugin. These results you hardly can only get with a simple LP filter, equalizer or compressor.
    This – as I would call it – treble vintageizer plugin can as well be used for only subtle optimizations but also for very intense high frequency shaping, if necessary. I think it can improve most amp simulations, as more musically sounding treble never can be totally wrong.
    Also works well with very different amp simulations, the tones of the (sometimes even too) bright channels of Tweed, Vox or Plexi amps easily can be improved a lot, (more) modern voiced multi channel amps, which often can have comparably too neutral, cold and sharp sounding clean or decent crunch tones, can get some additional vintage tube smoothness.
    Highly recommended, if you're looking for the ultimate, most naturally, most organically sounding tube tone, which you can get out of an amp simulation.
    But it should also be a very useful helper for solving other high frequency issues, coming from other sources, like vocals, drums,...
  • The beter maker!!

    by MrMixer937
    If you have trouble due to harshness in tracks like cymbals from either cheap overheads or cheap cymbals this plug-in is a true problem solver for it! So far I have only used it on cymbals but I have no doubt it wouldn't work on any other brittle and harsh sources. This will have you going in no time, I used to have to use dynamic eq's that took me 4 times as long to get similar results. Easy to use and totally worth owning. Its a plug-in I wish I knew about sooner. Stop waiting and save your self time and frustration!
  • A nice surprise

    by Whtrz
    Works nicely to remove a certain frequency of quite boxy resonance. A couple of improvements would bring this up to 5 stars: frequency selector for the damping tool, and a higher, air-band style mode for the Presence knob - as it is, the presence feels quite resonant, especially when you use it over several instances in the mix.
  • Excellent tool!

    by spbmac
    Love the intuitive UI. Works exactly as advertised--has a great range from a very subtle tweak to a drastic repair for controlling or removing harshness. Solo feature to hear exactly what's being removed is brilliant! I love all the thoughtful additional adds (i.e. saturation, presence, mix for parallel processing, etc.). Great plugin to have in the toolbox!!
  • Good when there's an issue

    by Andrew
    As it says, tames high frequency harshness. I find myself using this less the better I get, there is some magic to it though, it can widen your cruddy mix or fix an awful source, but I find it doesn't make good things sound better. It's good as a reference more than a tool.

    by TTLangen
    Great tool but only for special operations where heavy chances are needed. Maybe it’s a user thing but I’ve used this only for couple of times successfully. It surely saved the vocal sound when I used it so I’m glad to have it!