Customer Reviews

  • Good when there's an issue

    by Andrew
    As it says, tames high frequency harshness. I find myself using this less the better I get, there is some magic to it though, it can widen your cruddy mix or fix an awful source, but I find it doesn't make good things sound better. It's good as a reference more than a tool.

    by TTLangen
    Great tool but only for special operations where heavy chances are needed. Maybe it’s a user thing but I’ve used this only for couple of times successfully. It surely saved the vocal sound when I used it so I’m glad to have it!
  • Handy de-harsher

    by Adam
    Proven handy for de-harshing a few edgy sounding hard rock/metal projects in combination with EQ. The range and speed in the dynamics section especially useful. As always: tread carefully.
    - Pro mastering engineer
  • Well, it worked :)

    by Big T
    I had a problem with a badly recorded vocal. It was harsh and very ESS:y. BX_Refinement solved the problem nicely. Very easy to use as well. I have a feeling I will use this on other sounds as well.
  • bx_refinement

    by wiljo
    Makes everything sounds smoother and it's so simple and easy to use. One of my go to- plugins.
  • bx_refinement

    by Gilles
    Great PlugIn, I do not regret to buy it, and I start to use on my tracks and master.
  • Refining

    by Dear DR
    I love me this plugin a lot in place of a de easer it’s cool to be able to roll the harshness off of a signal and to add the presence rite back on within one plugin and then you can add some processing and character using the other options
    Using oscillation and then some .
  • Mix Magic

    by moodZoo
    Mix deadline upon me, of a band though very talented, was very rushed through this recording.... i.e. A little rough around the edges, and a little high on the peaks. I picked this BX Bad-Boy up for just such a conundrum, and slapped it on the Vocal and Melody stem... and on the default setting, BAM! my mix was done :) Cheers guys!! Can't wait to try it on some masters too.
  • Victor

    by Vicsaund
    At the moment, using the bx-refinement on a parallel bus for the of the saturation ... I like to buy .
    P.S Thanks to everyone !!!
  • Bits for Refinement

    by little cloud
    I just used bx_refinement one minute ago...again. I had to compile a vocal for a radio show that was clipped and from 3 different sources. The disparity was obvious and refinement was what I turned to to 'sort it'.
    The radio personality that needed it was happy with the end product again, All thanks to bx_refinement. I quite like the GUI graphics...whoever came up with that layout is a thinker as it explains exactly what it does. Thanks Alliance for these great plugins.