Customer Reviews

  • Great analog sound in no-time!

    by Mikael Lind
    The bx_refinement can do wonders for you if you know how to use it. It's not something that you will be able to hear instantly on all instruments, especially if you have no access to a good listening environment. But I spent some time with it, and slowly, slowly, I opened up my ears to the magic of this plugin.
    So what does it do? Basically, you can use it on mixes or tracks that have so called harshness in them which you find it hard to remove with an EQ. I use it a lot on distorted waves of sound. I enjoy spectrally transforming a piano into a wall of sound with freeze effects and different distortion plugins. These sounds can often sound thin and harsh, and bx_refinement can fix that, with the Damping know and the Saturation knob. And boost the Presence if you think the result is too dull!
    I have started using it in my master tracks as well, to warm them up. Try for example to use a lot of damping, but perhaps only set the Mix to 20% wet, so that 80% of the original signal passes through unaffected. This approach has given me some nice results!
    Definitely try this plugin, and give it some time. Now, I use it on up to 50% of my tracks in a mix! It's a great tool, easy to use, with some very pleasing results.
  • bx_refinement

    by 4th Disciple
    This plugin is a big time saver in helping to remove problematic frequencies. The bx_refinement plugin and the bx_digital v3 are my secret weapons.
  • Simply great!!

    by Chris ON StudiosMX
    This plugin is what I would call magic. The learning curve is weird since you don't have the usual controls, but once you get the hang of it, you won't stop using it. I use it mainly for mastering, mix buss and electric guitar buss. It takes care of all the unwanted artifacts that mud your mix in a subtle and enhancing way. The saturation and presence controls give the extra value and they always seem to help whatever material you pass through the plugin.
    Great plugin, and it definitely was a good purchase decision. Thanks BX.
  • ZOMG!

    by groovmekanik
    another plugin I demoed and waited patiently to purchase on sale. this plugin is amazing. I'm in love. I finally got the chance to use it to its fullest extent during some mastering for a client and I want to have this things babies. it does take a little to learn how it works but not a great deal. it basically gives you complete control over the top end of a track, reduce harshness, increase presence, soften/saturate details or dynamicly add detail. you can bring focus to wishy washy tracks and get the punch and clarity of your dreams.
  • Learning curve

    by Michael
    the learning curve is a little bit more difficult than the average plugin. after you know how to use it, the results are great. great great great for PA amp sims. PA totally should do a video about this.
  • Fantastic plugin

    by Danny Kirsch
    Brings my mixes to life. The presence dial is magic and gives my mixes that lovely top end sparkle without the harshness. it's a must have plugin for me.
  • It is amazing...

    by Owl
    ... seriously! This plugin does what I have been looking for from so many of the other saturation / tape emulation plugins I have tried / bought. In its de-harshing it warms up the audio fantastically. And like all plugin alliance stuff, the quality is superb. Let me say that again.. the quality of the processing in this plug is SUPERB. I was sceptical before trying it, expecting to have that familiar old feeling of "well almost... it ALMOST gave me what I was looking for". But, to be honest, I had the complete opposite experience. It gave me MORE than I was looking for. It has helped me rescue an acoustic guitar recording that was 70% good but had these nasty digital "twangs" popping through very often. Paired with the DSM I was able to get a fantastic sound throughout the recording (where I am not cringing every five seconds). So far I don't care much for the saturation and presence buttons, but they could probably work on some material. But the de-harsh and dynamics functions are magic: truely taking the "digitalness" out of the recording. You need to play around with the settings to get it just right, and the solo filter can be very helpful with this, but its well worth the effort. So while this is not a saturation plugin per se, it has a similar effect and does a far better job of giving a digital recording warmth than my experience with other (high end) saturation plugins I have tried. Well done plugin alliance!
  • Music to your ears

    by KJR
    This plugin does what it says, it truly takes the harshness out of your project. Great for mastering, but also for individual tracks of any sort. The presets are done well making them an easy starting point for your desired effect. The interface throughout the plugin are interactive so you can easily tell what it's doing. I use this plug in at times to bring a warm tube like effect as well. I've never seen anything else out there like this plug in.
  • BX Refinement why did I wait so long to purchase it.

    by miserydan
    I will say what I love most about BX Refinement is I have no longer been summing my tracks. I am struck here because at first I just thought of it as another tilt eq or de Esser but I was wrong. This plugin not only takes harshness away but it cleans up high brittle transients you get from compression and it smooths it out like silk. I really like this plugin and I am confident in what can do for my mix buss's Plus it also has dynamics for mid and side freq. so you can get different results in the overall stereo soundfield of your mix. It also is great on electric and acoustic guitars. It will tame high mid freq, very nice and you can tweak the presence knob give back a little cut so all in all this is a must have weapon to have in your plugin arsenal.
  • a live and timesaver

    by Mondstein Records
    This plugin ist awesome. I need it for mastering but more on stems. I like the plugin on to harsh drums, on acute vocals or on ear bleeding synths sounds. Thumbs up!