Customer Reviews

  • I can taste and smell this plugin

    by mikeultra
    IME I've always noticed a distinct smell from orange amps. I'm using this plugin right now, and the smell of the amp is being triggered in my brain by the sound, thats how reminiscient of an orange amp this is
  • Espectacular

    by Mishaja Cut
    No palabras para definir el icónico sonido que han logrado, gran trabajo.
    Dios los bendiga.
  • The best Orange amp VST

    by Thanorval
    Sound really close to the original. The best Orange amp on the VST market to this day. I like the fact that these amps come naked without graphic eqs and effects you don't need in a DAW.
  • Rockergain 100

    by Bradley Coomes
    Awesome emulation of that high gain Orange sound. I usually track clean guitars, but when I need something kind of nasty, this does the trick.
  • Sounds Great!

    by Rob
    As an owner of an Orange Rockerverb 50 Combo I can honestly say I'm really blown away by this plugin. The character is there and it definitely feels right. Great job!
  • "Thor's Hammer" for guitar!

    by Faydit
    This is the one amp simulation, I've all the time been waiting for!
    There are not so may Orange amp sims available, less of them sound really good or convincing. And then you just plug this one in and it immediately sounds right, clean as well as up to high gain range. You get the typical, warm, full bodied vintage clean and overdrive tones, which Orange always has been famous for, but with more gain the overdrive successively changes to the also very typical Orange voiced heavy / high gain sound.
    This very unique, modern Orange high-gain tone is a class of it's own, hardly comparable with other high gain amp tones, some kind of British, but not really Marshall-voiced "thunderstorm" for guitar, a very interesting, great sounding mix of vintage and modern character. Heavy, earthy, dark, full, fat, nevertheless also with enough bite and, what always is important for me, excellent harmonic reproduction and reaction. One of the most musical sounding amp simulations, I know. Nevertheless some kind of off-mainstream tone, which some players will love, others most probably not at all.
    "Only" two channels, but they really can cover the whole range between vintage and modern tube amp tones. Great!
    A big compliment to the really excellently selected, and excellently miked cabinet / speaker selection, which covers very different sonic preferences of different players. This amp really sounds very different with different speakers, especially in the bass range. The V30, G12M and K100 sound as expected, the Blue tightens basses and adds some freshness and transparency, the Creamback does the opposite, it adds a lot of bass punch and mids. A big, very helpful advantage of the newer amp simulation also are the additional RC informations.
    The quality of the simulation is top notch, it feels, behaves, reacts and plays (almost) like a real tube amp. I personally found it difficult to adjust a really wrong or bad sounding tone.
    The Rockergain100 sounds for me as great as the Overdrive Supreme 50, which up to now has been one of the best, most authentically sounding amp simulations, I've ever heard, the Rockergain100 only is completely different voiced, but in it’s own way it also is as flexible, enables everything between clean and high gain.
    The last - for me personally also important aspect - it just is a lot of fun, to play through an amp sim like this, because you don't have to search for some good sounding settings, you just plug in, play and it sounds right. Nevertheless you can also discover a lot of good tones with more intense tweaking.
    Finally one small disappointment: Unfortunately the spring reverb of the original amp is missing here. Would have been nice, especially for clean(er) tones.
  • Excellent results!

    by DeX
    I have been demoing it for a long period of time and it has improved the muddy sound quality over the previous Ampsim and it works very well without the use of any other IR loader. I was surprised by this. Please include this in any updates to your other products. Please improve the vertical scrolling when selecting IRs. That would make it perfect!
  • Honored

    by Psysword
    So cool to have so many of these legendary amps at my finger tips. So grateful to the Red Baron, that I’m in the process of making a track called the Red Baron with some gnarly nightmarishly heavy guitar riffs to complement. Once the track is complete, It’s all yours Dirk. I am so grateful for these massive guitar amps coming our way at amazing prices. The world should be filled with these sizzling tones for people to enjoy, without the technical difficulties in chaining actual guitar amps when these MONSTER tones can be created in the computer. Hurrah for the Rockergain. It does more than what is promised.
  • Wow

    by Dean
    This is the first plugin I've ever bought before my free trial ran out. On day 1 I knew I had to have it. When you add it to a track with no preset, it immediately sounds good. If you dime the gain, there is zero fizz (I hate fizzy distortion!) and it sounds incredibly heavy; like a real 100 watt tube monster on the verge of a meltdown. I love it. I swear I even heard some sag in there when I push it.
    The clean tones are also really good. I own the bx Friedman BE-100 and it sounds good but I can't for the life of me get a good clean sound out of it (I mean - a hallmark of that Plexi amp is that it's kind of out of control and not meant for clean tones, so that's not unexpected). But the rocker has clean tone for days. Give the "UltraClean" preset and try, for example.
    Thanks for knocking this out of the park, Brainworx. I'm in love with this amp sim.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Great to read this. Thanks a lot for your time and your support!
  • Flute like attack on leads

    by jaeger28
    There is something about this amp sim that sets it apart from others. The bloom on the attack reminds of a train wreck style amp, the low end is huge and massive, but can be shaped well. I find it kinda sad that demos of these plugins are always downtuned metal tracks with doubled guitars, which don't do this plugin justice. Use it for prog leads or even pop or play some Santana with it. It does great on all those styles.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you very much and enjoy your new tool!