Customer Reviews

  • Absolutely Must Have

    by Chris Peker
    My favorite saturation plugin. Very flexible and great sounding plugin.
  • bx_saturator V2

    by j tayo
    Been thinking of buying this for a while now ,So glad i have!Its so very nice.
    Thanks Brainworx
  • Rich and Warm Harmonics

    by Bx_Saturator
    Adds a very nice gentle warmth and richness of harmonic saturation that enhances the audio while giving you control over the high and mid sections. The meter is very helpful as a visual to allow you to see how much the effect is applied between the left and right signal. Mid/Side processing can be performed linked or separately
  • Bx_saturator v2

    by Bamboom
    Great plug in that works the stereo image in fantastic ways, without messing up the mono phase relationship. Fantastic piece of gear... don’t over do it.
  • Presets

    by Razorap
    Another must have plugin with wonderful presets to get started. Love the subtle influence this plug in creates
  • Exactly as advertised

    by Zach T
    Great plugin! The M/S aspect of it is really helpful.
  • BX_SatV2

    by JH Studio
    This is my new weapon for precise saturation introduced at the 2bus or in Mastering. It's a great compliment to the HG-2 because you can direct it in ways, via M/S and filtering that no orther saturation plugin offers.
  • Perfection

    by EA
    Everything bx is amazing and this is no exception.
  • bx_saturator_V2

    by Andyfuentes
    Love the bx_saturator_V2, it is a great sounding saturator. Like many of the PlugIn Alliance tools that I use, the bx_sat has become my go to saturator for all my projects.
  • Bx saturator

    by Nythriam
    Very good sound , tasty !