Customer Reviews

  • saturator v2

    by claudio smith
    WHoah my vocals were sounding all muddy and could not make them pop out of the mix had forgotten i had this hidden gem. pop it in my chain lowered the low sides raised the side his and wala made them vocals shine!!!!!!!
  • actually

    by NU
  • My favorite Saturator for Vocals

    by Alexey Soloviev
    I use bx_saturator V2 a lot for parallel distortion/saturation on vocals. It helps me a lot to add body and weight and crisp to any kind of vocals very easily so all of the vocals i'm working with in my mixes can cut through the mix.
  • Great Perceived Loudness Enhancer

    by Elliott S.
    I love to use bx_saturator to increase perceived loudness of an element or the whole mix.
    Awesome to be able to dose differently for Mid / Low Sides & M/L Mids.
    Master XL & Drive as well as the solo features are also pretty cool to have around.
  • Alround M/S saturator

    by B. van kaa
    With all the saturators out there it's easy to forget how good some already are. Especially the M/S functionality. Still really useful for drums and bass & guitars.
    It's not as gentle as some others still very useful and great around.

    by TTLangen
    This thing is a total killer when it comes to adding energy to your source material. Box tone is just something else and being able to control your drive and distortion separately opens up a new world of gritty sounding frequencies. Works wonders almost on everything you throw at it.
  • Saturator the best!

    by element4audio
    I have so many saturators plugin´s, from all the companies and prices, and Saturator from BX, is the best. What more can I say, simple the best, the MS work is a fantastic idea for work, I´m in love and impresive with this plugin, just perfect
  • Saturator V2

    by Pekka
    This is a damn good plugin for the drums, it adds thump and definition to kick, snare, toms.. even palm muting rhythm name it. I got a beautiful sound with this. Thanks
  • Bx Saturator

    by RFW
    5 Stars for sure. Tried this on a demo a month or two ago... it is a beastly little tool for anything. Another BX beauty with tones of character and juicy vibe yet subtle and sonorous.
    The 1st application was a acoustic piano & mandolin duet track... two very intricate sources to record, the rough mix already sounded great but decided to try it out. I was able to easily fine tune the imaging and balance and create unique variations of the mix for the client who was thrilled with the variations. For me personally it has become a favorite in a short period of time as it is very subtle, and powerful for creating energy and air to any instrument.
    The latest was particularly stunning on a solo classical guitar track. I am anxious to try it with a really tight high gain detailed amp sim like the Engel and some trick IR's.
    It's a peach : >
  • Brainworx bx_saturator V2

    by Tibetworld Music
    Hi!...What can I say?...Simply fantastic!
    I always use it in my mixes ... it's perfect to give presence and definition to the voices to get a modern and current pop sound!
    Also great on single instruments, buses and Mastering!
    I recommend it to everyone! ... this is a plugin that can not be missed by a producer!
    Steven Tibet