Customer Reviews

  • Saturator V2

    by Pekka
    This is a damn good plugin for the drums, it adds thump and definition to kick, snare, toms.. even palm muting rhythm name it. I got a beautiful sound with this. Thanks
  • Bx Saturator

    by RFW
    5 Stars for sure. Tried this on a demo a month or two ago... it is a beastly little tool for anything. Another BX beauty with tones of character and juicy vibe yet subtle and sonorous.
    The 1st application was a acoustic piano & mandolin duet track... two very intricate sources to record, the rough mix already sounded great but decided to try it out. I was able to easily fine tune the imaging and balance and create unique variations of the mix for the client who was thrilled with the variations. For me personally it has become a favorite in a short period of time as it is very subtle, and powerful for creating energy and air to any instrument.
    The latest was particularly stunning on a solo classical guitar track. I am anxious to try it with a really tight high gain detailed amp sim like the Engel and some trick IR's.
    It's a peach : >
  • Brainworx bx_saturator V2

    by Tibetworld Music
    Hi!...What can I say?...Simply fantastic!
    I always use it in my mixes ... it's perfect to give presence and definition to the voices to get a modern and current pop sound!
    Also great on single instruments, buses and Mastering!
    I recommend it to everyone! ... this is a plugin that can not be missed by a producer!
    Steven Tibet
  • Best plugin s

    by ACKnobbers
    Well I just want to congratulate you guys for your top quality plugins. I always have them on my master bus. I would like to tell for the new costumers that you guys are top notch. I own 60% of your plugins and every time I use them they are like a pandora box ready with a surprise.
    Thanks plugin alliance for all the effort.
    I'm a happy camper.
    Armando Cardenas
  • Saturific

    by J
    I love mid side, I love multi band, I Love saturation (subtle or not so), I love this great plugin
  • Shape your signal

    by Christian F.
    What a great plugin!
    Easy to use, fast and pleasant results and not replaceable.
  • Absolutely Must Have

    by Chris Peker
    My favorite saturation plugin. Very flexible and great sounding plugin.
  • bx_saturator V2

    by j tayo
    Been thinking of buying this for a while now ,So glad i have!Its so very nice.
    Thanks Brainworx
  • Rich and Warm Harmonics

    by Bx_Saturator
    Adds a very nice gentle warmth and richness of harmonic saturation that enhances the audio while giving you control over the high and mid sections. The meter is very helpful as a visual to allow you to see how much the effect is applied between the left and right signal. Mid/Side processing can be performed linked or separately
  • Bx_saturator v2

    by Bamboom
    Great plug in that works the stereo image in fantastic ways, without messing up the mono phase relationship. Fantastic piece of gear... don’t over do it.