Customer Reviews

  • satuator

    by Terry
    I put different saturators on the same track. It works out good.
  • Beautiful

    by Keith Moore
    This thing is lovely! Great at saturating at significant frequencies.
  • Magic ! ! !

    by Musician B.
    Amazing plugin!!! Must have it!!! Thanks Guys from Brainworx!!!
  • Precise machine

    by Goodwilly
    There are many plugins for saturation on the market, but this one can do the job accurately in the points, U need to.
  • All the oomph without the ugly whoomph

    by MixedbyMe
    Finally a phase accurate way to tighten and glue your mixes together, this is an awesome tool to use on your master buss and almost anywhere else you want to focus your signal and make it punch
  • On the Must Have List

    by Mdjagg
    If I had to start over, I'd buy one EQ, one compressor, one limiter, one de expander, one reverb, and EVERY saturation that I could get my hands on. And this one is a must have. It's not the most versitle in terms of its character, but has an extremely wide range in terms of density and where it's applied to the sound being affected. It can be super subtle all the way to fully burnt.
    Great tool that can be a sound saver.
  • Best of saturation plugins

    by Alex Hepting
    Solo of the lo mid hi bands allows to get a wider coherent mix. I usually skip the default presets because making this sound good and loud for each band gives the best result in my opinion. It is as easy as using a limiter. The compensation modes for each band soften each peak for a smarter and louder overall mix.
  • Crazy good thing

    by Shramm Storm
    I love the way it colorizes the sound. It can sweeten and brighten not only dull sounding instruments or vocals, but even a good sounding source can sound much better with it. Crazy good thing.
  • BXSaturator

    by Kashoo
    Calling this a saturation plugin would be an understatement. It works magic on the tracks in my mix. After spending thousands of dollars trying to get the sound in my head, this is it!!!! I have tried all the major companies plugins and wish I could ask for all my money back so I could buy more Brainworx products!