Customer Reviews

  • Rewiew

    by Tunner
    Great tunner works perfectly
  • Tuner

    by Stickman
    Nice plugin. Gives real-time info. Much better than the stock tuner included in my DAW.
  • Tune up

    by JJBOT
    simple and efficient
  • Tuner

    by Robert Kanaan
    Very useful and pretty simple plugin, that works perfectly. You never know when You gonna tune...
  • Great tuner

    by Danila Izotov
    Nice tuner. Very accurate)
  • bx_tuner

    by Haetni
    For standart tuning situation it is ok so far.
    For Guitars with Floyd Rose Vibrato Systems it is not so cool like the TC PolyTune!
    For special tuning situations like finding a specific frequency it is also not very useful. Some times I'm in need to find a exact Frequency like 174, 396 or 528 Hz. But how? Where can I enter the exact target frequency?
    Not possible with these tool.
    So it is what it is... A standard single string tuner for Guitar and Bass only. Not more and not less.
  • Champion

    by Aleksandar P
    This thing is 5 stars,probably the best seller- it’s in every cart;); sometimes up to 8 of them lol
  • bx_tuner

    by robertm2000
    I wish I knew what is up with this tuner. I bought it and the durn thing won't work right! When I try to tune a guitar, the needle catches every"wolf" in the string - every slightest variation in pitch - and won't stop bobbing around, to give me an accurate indication of how in tune the note is. Several people have commented in the reviews section that they get better results with hardware tuners, and I have to agree. My guitars are all old since I'm a big fan of "reworked guitars" with personality, as well as the guitars being inexpensive to begin with. Maybe it's just me but I've given up on the tuner. For me it is worthless.
  • Works, but not as good as hardware

    by jsljustin
    My hardware tuner broke recently, so I bought the bx_tuner. It works ok, can tune my guitars with this, it does work better than other software tuners I have tried. However, I find it to be less accurate and a little more fiddly than a dedicated hardware tuner. It seems to take a while to hit its frequency. However, I am able to tune my guitar with this.
  • Fine Tunning

    by Jairo Pineda
    I don't know why, but I never get an E note, it'll always be an Eb. I've done several comparisons with the Ableton Live tuner and I don't really know what I'm doing wrong.
    I've tried it with my guitar and bass, but it all comes back to not being able to tune an E, just because it always shows an Eb
    Plugin Alliance response
    We're sorry to hear about this. You can be assured that bx_tuner is not supposed to behave this way. We'd love to help you figure out what's happening so you can use the plugin as intended. Please write us a tech support ticket and we'll look into the issue as soon as possible.