Customer Reviews

  • bx tuner

    by gorevalex
    When recording guitarists a very convenient plugin. I always use it.
  • bx_tuner

    Best Tuner Yet and i have used quite a few i really like the look and design as well.
    Thank you guys again a great Plugin ! Plugin Alliance !
  • Bx tuner

    by kdramsey
    Simple and easy to use. Works great and the price is right.
  • Bx_tuner

    by Charlie
    Excelente!! plugin, lo recomiendo al máximo.
  • Good plugin

    by Dekcon
    I think it is a good plugin, but I would like to include the 432 Hz option in a future update please. Thanks. Greetings to all. :)
  • Nice but very limited

    by Xtrax
    I think Tuner should have 444 mode because all I need it that...
    Nice GUI everything other is nice..
  • bx tuner

    by karloff70
    Another ask for 432Hz please, pretty please. Great little tuners in its simplicity, but the limited frequency options are a drag.
  • Bx_Tuner

    by Stoogie
    What can anyone sayabout a tuner plugin? Not an awful lot to be honest with you. They are hardly the most exciting plugin after all. But let's face it, ask any guitar player what the most essential item is on their pedalboard and many will tell you that Its got to be their tuner.
    The BX Tuner is nice looking and it works very well. It even has a couple of additional features when compared to other plugin tuners I have used such as muting and dimming. These, though not the most essential features, are a nice touch - especially the muting.
    What I don't understand is why it costs so much for a plugin tuner. I have had hardware tuners just as effective but costing the same ammount or less. I also have also used free plugin tuners that work just as well (though without the mute option). Many virtual amp plugins feature tuners built in as standard so this may not be the most essential option for new software.
    I purchased this on an offer so I persoanlly can't complain about the price to much. If your after a plugin tuner that offers the mute function then you may find there are not so many plugin options. However, if you can live without that function (after all, your DAW channel has a mute function) then you may want to compare a demo of this pluginwith some of the free tuners from other manufactures.
    I'm a big fan of Brainworx stuff and have quite a few of their plugins. It is hard to get excited about a tuner but I have found that this has now become my main tuner in my guitar effect chain in my DAW.
    Pros: Looks good, does what it says and delivers the results well. Muting function is a nice addition.
    Cons: That price just seems a bit steep when you consider other plugin tools from up and coming developers out there. Plus lets face it, it's very hard to get excited about a plugin tuner.
  • Noch ein Tuner?

    by Xeal
    War es etwas irritiert, doch es macht Sinn und geht schneller wenn man den Umgang erstmal drauf hat. Die Feinjustage über dem Meter macht´s möglich und ist Gold wert. Löst bei mir den DAW internen Tuner eindeutig ab, welcher wesentlich mehr Zeit für seine Stimmungsschwankungen brauchte. Danke :o)
  • It needs a tune-up

    by b_log
    I bought the bx_tuner on sale and figured it would be useful as a plug-in for the DAW, but nope - the tuning needle just kept moving around. It would lock-in and then start drifting - so I couldn't get an accurate tuning. I switched over to my other tuners (pedal versions and smart phone versions) and quickly dialed-in the tuning compared to the bx_tuner. So that was all I needed to know as an A & B comparison that the bx_tuner - needs a tune-up fix - of itself with an update.