Customer Reviews

  • 432?

    by Faland
    Good and light tuner but there's no possibility to set the 432 Hz frequency. Please implement this feature in a future upgrade.
  • The worst buy I ever did

    by Rich
    The headaches involving this buy, with no overhead costs for something I feel chained to with joining another coerced membership wanting more info on me, with paying $19 for doing and giving something. I should be paid... I haven't downloaded yet but it requires activation online,... you have very high opinions of yourselves.
    It looks good, and if it works good... you did a good job... but your egos ruin it and your marketing team ruins it too.
    Plugin Alliance response
    We're sorry to hear our authorization system was such a headache for you. It’s true that you do have to sign up to use our plugins, but you're not compelled to opt into anything else, like our newsletter.It sounds like this may have been the result of some technical problems or perhaps there is room for improvement in our Activation Manual. We are always looking for ways to improve things, so please contact support and let us know exactly where things went wrong. We're here to help!
  • bx tuner

    by studiocorbiere
    simple, pratique et précis, que demander de plus a un accordeur, une référence.
  • easy & reliable, but...

    by rotfenstermusik
    I totally love the bx_tuner. It works hassle-free, looks good and is very precise. No comparison to all these nervous freeware tuners. The user interface is big enough for being read even from a few meters away from the screen.
    The only thing I miss is the support of the more relaxed 432 Hz tuning.
  • bx_tuner

    by BillT
    Unlike my previous review this one will be short and sweet...The tuner just works. It works really well, it responds really quickly, it locks on to the fundamental almost instantly, and the meter tells me exactly what I want to know.This is not the tuner for setting up your bridge, for that you'll need a strobe tuner.But if you need to quickly, and accurately tune an instrument this is the one to get!