Customer Reviews

  • Dangerous...

    by Krešimir Bikić
    Well, I just bought the thing yesterday but after only a few hours with it I immediately felt clean mastering power in this engine. PA nailed it again with another great tool.
  • dangerous Bax Eq

    by Bd lieutenant
    I too was saving for Uad version, for my 'Collection of Quality' plugs.
    Thanks Brainworks!
    I know what i've got, & what i can get, really gonna enjoy dialing in this 1, me an bax got plenty of work to do.
  • Shine With Bax

    by Phat Monkey
    To be honest I have only began using the Bax EQ in my latest track I am working on and have to say I am very impressed with it.
    The Bax is very transparent and yet has this presence, a shine, it is hard to explain. I have now added it to my Pro Tools template on the master channel for future sessions.
  • BAX EQ

    by Domenico
    extremely soft, perfect for subgroups and total processing ...just wonderful .-)
  • BAX EQ

    by HAKA Mastering
    Firstly I really enjoy the interface. Really simple to read and easy on the eye. Secondly I love how it kind of sounds and doesn't have a sound at the same time. Really subtle processor. I use it for tilting most of the time. Also the filters are really great!

    by Green Room
    Loving the Bax EQ on my 2 bus. Can be very subtle, but lifts the mix. Still exploring on channels, but so far I'm really enjoying the simple interface and clean output.
  • Bax EQ

    by BaDbOb
    Very smooth and musical
  • BAX EQ

    by brianksmusic
    What an amazing plugin! I was saving my $$$ to purchase the UAD version of this plugin, but after my purchase of PA version of the Maag EQ in 2016, it was was a no brainer when this one was offered at a great sale price! I love how easy and forgiving this eq plugin is, and now that I'm ready to try my hand at mastering (pray for me), what could be a better first pick than this! Thanks so much PA for this blessing! You will ALWAYS have me as a loyal customer! Peace and blessings to the entire PA team!
  • Nice EQ

    by wow
    Smoth and Musical! just loved it!
  • i love this

    by teen wei
    so musical i really love it!