Customer Reviews

  • BAX EQ

    by HAKA Mastering
    Firstly I really enjoy the interface. Really simple to read and easy on the eye. Secondly I love how it kind of sounds and doesn't have a sound at the same time. Really subtle processor. I use it for tilting most of the time. Also the filters are really great!

    by Green Room
    Loving the Bax EQ on my 2 bus. Can be very subtle, but lifts the mix. Still exploring on channels, but so far I'm really enjoying the simple interface and clean output.
  • Bax EQ

    by BaDbOb
    Very smooth and musical
  • BAX EQ

    by brianksmusic
    What an amazing plugin! I was saving my $$$ to purchase the UAD version of this plugin, but after my purchase of PA version of the Maag EQ in 2016, it was was a no brainer when this one was offered at a great sale price! I love how easy and forgiving this eq plugin is, and now that I'm ready to try my hand at mastering (pray for me), what could be a better first pick than this! Thanks so much PA for this blessing! You will ALWAYS have me as a loyal customer! Peace and blessings to the entire PA team!
  • Nice EQ

    by wow
    Smoth and Musical! just loved it!
  • i love this

    by teen wei
    so musical i really love it!
  • bax eq

    by Alex Hepting
    Very transparent eq for mastering.
    The mid side processing makes it more flexible for stereo downmix.
  • Beautiful Tool

    by Tonelab Recording
    Effective in subtle touches on the mix bus, equally sweet on Master bus for gentle cuts. I'm loving it for the small changes that give the tracks that shine without sounding heavy.
  • Focus

    by C2Z
    What a great tool. The combination of the high pass filter and the low shelf just bring out the bass in a track in such a smooth powerful way without touching anything else. Have not heard anything else like it!
  • I've Been Waiting For This

    by B4Lasers
    Mannnnnnnn such a beautiful sound it imparts on my masters even my mixes sometimes. its that golden touch thank you so much from Wisconsin with love! - B4Lasers