Customer Reviews

  • Smoooooooth

    by Bobandy
    The combo of hi and lo cut offs with the super gentle Bax slopes means this works very well as a mix bus 'finisher'. I put it up against what I thought were transparent EQs and it proved they were not! The M/S option gives it more flexibility too. Can work on individual tracks, but I feel best use is on mix bus on in mastering. A one trick pony, but what a great trick!
  • Just pure love

    by Papa Branca
    My hopes was set up highly, when I downloaded the Bax EQ and it did not dissapoint me.
    You can make the highs sparkle a bit more, without any harshness and You can get a bit more detailed low end without any rumble. AS the hardware it is easy to use and get a good result.
  • Bax EQ

    by Da Goose Music
    I had my mind set on the hardware version of this EQ for quite some time, but in some kind of way the idea of more hardware to my setup didn't feel right. I work with the less is more principal, only getting what I really need and nothing more. This makes you feel more connected to things you use which I think is a good thing. The moment I started using the BaxEQ I felt that connection and since then, I use it on most of my masters. The 74hz boost can really add some lowend without becoming too noticable. You miss it when you bypass, but don't hear it when engaged. Same goes for the highs, it adds some nice sparkle without getting edgy or unnatural. It feels like a smooth version of my Marantz classic receiver from 1971 which I like.
    Love it!
  • On Most of my Busses!

    by White Vox
    Loved this plugin since the first day I got it, it's cpu-light compared to the plugins with the same sound quality yet powerful. I work a lot on the go so this works really well while being light on a mobile setup. The high shelf is my favorite, sounds super smooth and you can bring the sides a bit more on the mix buss.
  • BaxEQ

    by JH Studio
    This is my favorite mastering EQ. Very musical & clean. Even when pushed to it's limits, this equalizer sounds smooth & transparent.
  • Just great but...

    by Mota-Productions
    The most forgiving...but still handle with care!!! You can overdo it and don't hear it instantly! A had a few "surprises" when I took some mixes in another studio!
  • BAX EQ

    by DBW
    I just sent the following unsolicited to PiA:
    'I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my (special bundle) purchase of the BAX and Museq plugins. More than pleasantly surpised with both - both equally subtle and - yet oddly - stunning.'
    I would add that the presets are excellent and extremely varied despite retaining an apparently transparent footprint.
  • Great for busses and the 2 mix

    by Rich
    Great EQ for the whole mix or busses. The MS function is very handy as well.
  • Beautiful and musical

    by Edward Selberie
    This is a very nice and musical EQ. My advice, buy this one and give it a place to live on your mixbus!
    Thanks plugin-alliance.
    If you seen the name "Brainworx" or "Plugin-alliance", just buy. There is no need to try!
  • BAX EQ

    by Botas Mono
    I use this wonderful EQ for giving my drums the last shimmer and a wonderful warm deep end on the drumbus. I have a lot of EQs but this one is my favorite also for Mastering, because it sounds very sweet and natural. In connection with the Millenia NSEQ-2 finally i can create a warm and natural mix, specially on an acoustic setup with real instruments. The EQ is easy to use. Ceck out the MS mode. Amazing. Thanx to Brainworx. Again a great job.