Customer Reviews

  • OMG !!!

    by Athanasios Sgouridis
    This is one of the best vst for guitars that I have ever heard !!! Totally Worth it ! I use it for heavy metal and the sound is absolutely stunning
  • The best High gain amp sim?

    by B. van kaa
    Probably one of the best amp-sim in high- gain amps of the last year's.
    It has a scooped sounds, more then his brother. And bass compression to add weight. Which works great.
  • Diezel Herbert

    by tngyrlns
    Probably the best amp plugin I've ever used! The amount of IRs makes it extremely versatile and a proper studio weapon.
  • Diezel Herbert

    by Akos
    It blew my pants off! What a beautiful sounding metal monster. Herbert is the only amp sim you'll ever need. I own a bunch of amp sims from big names but none, NONE comes this close to recreating an actual amp in the box. It covers everything from ultra cleans up to the heaviest smashing riffing with a spectacular sound and feel. Just throw a tubescreamer before the amp and you are good to go.The mid cutting feature is a game changer when it comes to shape your tone. If the UI was scalable there would be no complaint at all. It looks small on big, wide screens. Please make it scalable.
  • Herbert

    by Demondrive
    Absolutely stunning sound! I adore this amp! His muscular, articulate and thick gain structure is addictive! The only thing I'd wish UI resolution was as big as product images, it'll make precise tweaking easier. Please make this possible in the next update!

    by AWESOME
    Plugin Alliance response
    Hell yeah! :-)
  • Will it Chugg?

    by Maarten
    Im not that much into chugg-metal, but when youre recoding metal on regular basis, you need at least one deep, growling amp! If youre looking for an amp that can really chugg, this one wont disappoint.
    I personally use it mainly for rythm tones, but also on the lead side this amp delivers. Even though this amp is a real heavy hitter, when you play around with speaker combinations, its actually pretty versatile. Im glad I added this one to my collection.
  • New Favorite for High Gain Amp Sims

    by midmodman
    I've been going through my amp sims of late, and generally disappointed with how they have aged. Until this Diezel simulation came along. I demo'd it and bought it 5 minutes later. (Thanks PA for the generous discounts btw!)
    Big, bold, wide. Does not disappoint. Behaves like a real amp should, decay doesn't falter into digital artifacts. Deep response. I compared it against the GTR stuff, Amplitube, SGear and the new BIAS plus, and this was my favorite for that big, metal crunch sound. TBH, makes me want to go back and re-amp a bunch of older guitar tracks. I digs. If you are guitaring, check it out.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks for the detailed, awesome review! Keep on rocking.
  • Had Me At Whoa!

    by Hiponic Audio
    This is it!
    The sound this thing makes is incredible!
    Rich, Chunky, Chugging, to Whiney, Bright, and Piercing Herbert has you covered. I do no play live guitar but the sound I was able to create with just Shreddage and this knocked me back!
    This was pained over, Someone meticulously obsessed over creating this and you can tell. For me this became my 1st pick for my Guitar chains, I have even had some desireable outcomes using it for side-chain saturation. Forget every other plugin companies attempts at modeling amps and heads. This is the real deal!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks so much, and rock on!