Customer Reviews

  • A beauty of a beast!

    by mcam
    This is a beauty of a beast! It can be as subtle or as gruff as you like, clean or dirty, plangent or euphoric - it has the whole gamut of expression. It also comes with a ton of presets - all it needs now is a more convenient preset browser ...
  • Wunderbare Spielwiese

    by D_Jey_Age
    Geile Kiste - v.a. die Bedienung ist einfach klasse - hammer LEAD-Sounds mit unglaublicher Durchsetzungskraft - krasse Flächen - aber, und das ist das ist mit das schönste - eine einfach zu bedienende ARP-Abteilung, die den Thorn schnell zu einer TB-303 machen :-) ... TOP-Synthy !!!
  • Sounds like hardware!

    by Soundsauca
    I recently bought Thorn and I'm so impressed. Above all it has the punch of certain hardware synths that is often lacking in plugins. Whilst Thorn proves it is possible to get that sound from software it is so much more than that.
    I'm looking forward to using this in future work. Thanks!
  • Thorn

    by mvh
    This synth has inspired me to get back to writing. The sound is absolutely incredible. Worth every penny.
  • Simply the Best

    by Ian Craig
    This is simply the best software synth. It can produce the sounds on the scale I need i.e. Gigantic. This truely is wonderful (& I notice that now in version 3 it no longer has the lag-time loading issues that appeared when it first appeared at Plugin Alliance, which kept me using version 1.1 until today). Hopefully Diversion is still being updated. Well done D.S. :)
  • Great synth plugin!

    by Withajay
    I love this thing! Great presets and some fantastic tones. More synth plugins!!!
  • Try it . Buy it

    by Johannes Mazur
    I hardly ever buy software synthies. I own the k-omplete bundle (you know what I mean ;-)) that easily can satisfy all your desires, not only because you actually can build your own designs but because you also get a flood of presets. So why getting another synthesizer, then?
    The answer is quite simple:
    The sound, oh dear, is amazing! This thing sounds "real"... meaning it has a certain "depth" in its sound... It is hard to put in words. It may look simple but it is a true beast of complexity. The options which sounds you can create with Thorn are almost endless. It feels at home anywhere you want it to contribute, be it film scoring, pop, rock, ambient music, EDM... it delivers.
    Believe me, even if you have some good synthesizers, you won't regret this one.
  • Thorn!

    by Arash
    Very unique synth with powerful features and simple to use interface
  • A great synth

    by DJ Jota Jota
    Life is simple with Thorn Synth. I love it. The harmonic filter is a beast!
  • Best synth

    by Crwnprincemahdi
    This synth has a truly unique and very warm sound. Absolutely amazing for Super saws , Pads, and keys !!!! It is a true peice of art