Customer Reviews

  • Great Sounds

    by Jweyerbacher
    At first I was a little bummed out by Thorn because of an installation issue involving resource.bin. I was able to get tech support and get the issue resolved. Now that I've tried it out I can say the quality of the sounds are very nice and rich. The combination of the parameters, built in Arp and Glitch effects make this a very versatile synth to add to anyone's collection.
  • Wooow!

    by Marc
    Wow, I extremly like the glitch and arp. Very modular with the harmonic filter. Superbe inovative thing to fix glitch, arp, effects and mod matrix for preset change!
  • Game of Thorn!!

    by rick drumss
    Really cool synth!! A hi-quality game changer plugin. It has help me with some Leads and Bases that i could not find in others synths i have. Highly recommended!!
  • Excellent. Easy.

    by chris_the_beard
    I'm primarily a guitar player / engineer. I don't know much about synth programming and have always struggled to get good sounds quickly out of other synth plugins. I'm not an EDM guy. I typically focus on pop, rock, indie, and country.
    This is the first of many software synths I've purchased that actually has a ton of GOOD / mix ready presets out of the box. The pads and leads are great and offer a lot of inspiration with almost zero effort. I also found this plugin very easy to use. It took me very little time to get comfortable tweaking the stock presets, and I found it very easy and intuitive to accomplish the sounds I was looking for. The effects section is great.
    Very impressed with this synth. It's definitely my new go-to.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you! Enjoy!
  • Thorn synthesizer

    by Dan Corkery
    The name "DS Audio" is synonymous with hi-quality and attention to detail..and Thorn is yet an fine example of the fact. It sounds amazing, looks stunning and is as deep or as easy as you want or need it to be. It's incredibly versatile and will find a place in your music toolbox, regardless of which genre you produce. It's great, too, to see DS Audio are now part of the PA..which is also a testament to its quality.
    If you're in the market ofr a new Synth, then look no the demo and see for yourself.
  • Thorn in my side

    by Denizen
    I was a little sceptical as I hadn't heard that much about it and surely the most well known synth's are the best right?
    Not even Owww as we say in New Zealand sometimes. This is awesome. I loaded up one of the pad presets and got lost in heavenly tweakery for hours.
    I usually get bored with a new synth vst after a short while as they're mostly pretty much what you expect.
    Not this one. I can't wait to finish work and start playing.
  • Thorny Beast

    by Audiomilitia
    Name says it all , if you looking for some serious EDGE this synth has it !!! From aggression to euphoria all packed into a well laid out & easy to use experience ...Definitely see this dialling in some brute force on my Tracks \M/
  • Thorn

    by Eddie Torres
    This new virtual instrument is amazing sounding. The ability and flexibilities using this in music productions is great! The basses are thick. My go to synth in my productions! Great work Plugin Alliance!!
  • This thing is killer!

    by T-Lloyd
    This synth is absolutely brilliant, the level of detail they have put into it is mindblowing and the depth and sonic brilliance that I get out of it is second to none! Great work!
  • Thorn Does All The Things!

    by pthelo
    Let's mix things up. I'll START with the TL; DR. Ready?
    TL;DR- "I was already a fan and avid user of Dmitry Sches' Tantra multi effect when Thorn was released, and had high expectations. Thorn has surpassed them all by offering a unique and powerful (re)combination of synthesis, sequencing, and multieffects– the parameters of which you can target and MODulate with the slew of available MOD methods and sources!"
    Now for the full review:
    • • •[Thorn has all the features and does all the things!]• • •
    Granted, this first statement is remarkably vague, but it's also completely correct!
    Check out these features: THREE OSCillators, each with it's own SUB OSCillator, plus a Noise OSC? Thorn has it. You like filters? Thorn has two multimode filters with dozens of filter models. Want options on how to modulate all these effects and parameters? Thorn offers 2 LFOs, 2 MultiStage Envelopes, 2 General ENVelopes plus a 27 slot modulation matrix– and it didn't stop there. Thorn comes with an additional layer of power and control, packing an Arpeggiator, a Harmonic Filter, and a chain of 9 fundamental effects that you can easily reorder– and on top of all that, Thorn has a super intuitive GLITCH SEQUENCER that lets you step sequence 5 more effects (Gate/HP/LP/Bit Crush/Sample Rate) in addition to a beat repeat/roll effect. It's insane!
    Having easily earned five stars, I meant it when I said "Thorn Does All The Things!"