Customer Reviews

  • Thorn!

    by Arash
    Very unique synth with powerful features and simple to use interface
  • A great synth

    by DJ Jota Jota
    Life is simple with Thorn Synth. I love it. The harmonic filter is a beast!
  • Best synth

    by Crwnprincemahdi
    This synth has a truly unique and very warm sound. Absolutely amazing for Super saws , Pads, and keys !!!! It is a true peice of art
  • A gentle synth

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Thorn gives me soft pads, and more, the harmonic knob is a great feature, which I didn't see yet on other synths. The fact you can fully change your sounds is also amazing. I use this one with the Oberheim and Knifonium, which is a challenge for your CPU, so they are consuming a bit from your PC, but if you have enough power to run these? Who would care?
  • A Perfect Synthesizer

    by DJ Noise
    I love it for my music, a really nice and simple gui to handling. For trance and melodies lover a must have
  • ds Thorn

    by FawltyTenor
    I grabbed this plugin to (mostly) play mono leads using a wind controller. It's very velocity sensitive and can produce some really cool and interesting sounds. I use a lot of old school Moogy/ARPy plugins, but Thorn is a really exciting synth that can be very expressive and is a great change of pace for me. I'm loving it. The built-in effects are quite nice if you set them up for live performance stuff like being able to kick in a little chorus or distortion when you want to do a quick mod without changing patches.
  • Surprise, surprise!

    by Endre
    DS Thorn was sitting in my plugin list for a little more than a year before I realized what an amazing plugin this really is. It looks perhaps a little bit dated, but certainly doesn't sound dated. It comes with some great presets that are actually usable and a great starting point for making own sounds.
    It's packed with features (FM, PWM, harmonic filter, arpeggio and a great sounding effects rack, to name a few) and is super tweakable.
    The only thing that annoys me, is that most of the poly sounds starts up with too few voices set by default, and to change it you have to open a drop down menu. I really wish the drop down menus for up/down, tune and voices was replaced with a click and drag field, like the fine tune setting in the same section.
  • Thorn

    by Thorn
    I have many Synths, but this is my favorite, amazing sounds, amazing user interface, many thanks for this plg
  • A hidden gem

    by Tomi Kokki
    To be honest, when I learned Thorn exists, I wasn't expecting a lot from it. I thought it's just "yet another generic synth plugin". But man, then I decided to try it and it won me over pretty much instantly. Many users say Thorn has its own sound character and I have to agree. It's definitely a great addition to my software as well as hardware arsenal and quickly became one of my go-to plugins. Since I bought it, I've used it in most of my tracks for my upcoming album.
  • Thorn

    by Dave
    Wow! It's been a while since I've been hooked on a synth from the first opening. The Prodigy on acid just floods out of it and it's going to be great for film/game. Can't wait to start using it in production, it's definitely been the missing synth.