Customer Reviews

  • Surprised !

    by A.I.Plug
    I'm positively impressed, how different THORN sounds. Great sonic base, easy to shape, and - most important to me - lots of potential for the more unusual but useful tones. First i asked myself another synth? but now i'm happy i bought it. It's not hard on the cpu here and so easy to operate. What i also like a lot: it does not look like a math puzzle with too much numbers on it. Just well balanced UI to get along quick. Good one!
  • New weapon for EDM!

    by Ken Bauer
    To be honest I thought I had every synth I needed for EDM. To make a long story short. I was wrong! The aggressive sound is just awesome. Great presets to inspire you and it is really easy to program. Thanks for creating this.
  • DS Thorn

    by George Ware
    I got dry mouth when I first heard this synth inside StudioOne v4.
    SO MANY really usable patches! This is a go to synth for Hip-Hop, RnB, Jazz, Soul, Dub Step and EDM.
    Very easy to use, up and running without reading the manual.
    I was able to map the controls to my HW control surface without any issues. Very nice work PA!!!!
  • Thorn

    by Jam EL Mar me, Thorn is like the wheel, reinvented! The architecture and characteristics of each module leads to unexpected and unheard sounds. It's quite complex but still hands-on. Thorn includes feature that I always wished to have when designing sound! This guy is a beast! Luv it!
  • Excellent!

    by Chris Landon
    The Thorn has become my go to plugin for TV/Film production. The design is sleek and simple to use. The presets are already a great starting point and dialing into it to create your own is a breeze. Great product!
  • Amazing

    by Andre Dupke
    Simply amazing.. Love the perfectly leveled presets and its CPU efficiency.. Thank you!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • Love at first sight

    by Arnold Vigh (art-director, music-producer at SilverHillStudio, Budapest)
    I use it from the first day in every session what I did since the beta came out and I love it. Thorn is the most analog synth plugin what I ever heard...