Customer Reviews

  • Thorn in my side

    by Denizen
    I was a little sceptical as I hadn't heard that much about it and surely the most well known synth's are the best right?
    Not even Owww as we say in New Zealand sometimes. This is awesome. I loaded up one of the pad presets and got lost in heavenly tweakery for hours.
    I usually get bored with a new synth vst after a short while as they're mostly pretty much what you expect.
    Not this one. I can't wait to finish work and start playing.
  • Thorny Beast

    by Audiomilitia
    Name says it all , if you looking for some serious EDGE this synth has it !!! From aggression to euphoria all packed into a well laid out & easy to use experience ...Definitely see this dialling in some brute force on my Tracks \M/
  • Thorn

    by Eddie Torres
    This new virtual instrument is amazing sounding. The ability and flexibilities using this in music productions is great! The basses are thick. My go to synth in my productions! Great work Plugin Alliance!!
  • This thing is killer!

    by T-Lloyd
    This synth is absolutely brilliant, the level of detail they have put into it is mindblowing and the depth and sonic brilliance that I get out of it is second to none! Great work!
  • Thorn Does All The Things!

    by pthelo
    Let's mix things up. I'll START with the TL; DR. Ready?
    TL;DR- "I was already a fan and avid user of Dmitry Sches' Tantra multi effect when Thorn was released, and had high expectations. Thorn has surpassed them all by offering a unique and powerful (re)combination of synthesis, sequencing, and multieffects– the parameters of which you can target and MODulate with the slew of available MOD methods and sources!"
    Now for the full review:
    • • •[Thorn has all the features and does all the things!]• • •
    Granted, this first statement is remarkably vague, but it's also completely correct!
    Check out these features: THREE OSCillators, each with it's own SUB OSCillator, plus a Noise OSC? Thorn has it. You like filters? Thorn has two multimode filters with dozens of filter models. Want options on how to modulate all these effects and parameters? Thorn offers 2 LFOs, 2 MultiStage Envelopes, 2 General ENVelopes plus a 27 slot modulation matrix– and it didn't stop there. Thorn comes with an additional layer of power and control, packing an Arpeggiator, a Harmonic Filter, and a chain of 9 fundamental effects that you can easily reorder– and on top of all that, Thorn has a super intuitive GLITCH SEQUENCER that lets you step sequence 5 more effects (Gate/HP/LP/Bit Crush/Sample Rate) in addition to a beat repeat/roll effect. It's insane!
    Having easily earned five stars, I meant it when I said "Thorn Does All The Things!"
  • Exceptional modern synth

    by Tristan
    A modern powerhouse! I'm especially impressed by the deep weighty basses I could create. The glitch and effects sections sound great and make it possible to stay within the plugin while polishing ... very fast workflow. Can be extremely musical, modern and glassy or just straight up crazy and aggressive. Very deep, I've only just scratched the surface but there is so much ground to explore here!
  • Wow!

    by Tom Peterson (
    This synth really amazed me! The overal sound is really sparkling and deep, the Quality of a real synths we used to have :-)
    Some synths have tons of great sounds which you don't know what to do with, but the Thorn inspires me with almost every preset I randomly chose.
    A warm welcome to Plugin Alliance Dmitry!
    Regars Tom.
  • Brilliant

    by garbagetruckdriver
    I'm not a sound designer guy... probably never will be. I love tools that give you instantly fantastic sounds and a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to quickly tweak the patch to get what you want. Thorn sounds huge. It's logically laid out. It's fun to play with. It's brilliant! Try it out now!
    Plugin Alliance response
  • Vast options

    by Michael
    Aside from its hugely powerful synthesis engine, the extras really push it along. The glitch sequencer is deceptively powerful and the effects section is excellent.
  • Surprised !

    by A.I.Plug
    I'm positively impressed, how different THORN sounds. Great sonic base, easy to shape, and - most important to me - lots of potential for the more unusual but useful tones. First i asked myself another synth? but now i'm happy i bought it. It's not hard on the cpu here and so easy to operate. What i also like a lot: it does not look like a math puzzle with too much numbers on it. Just well balanced UI to get along quick. Good one!