Customer Reviews

  • Thorn v1.2

    by Roman Wisniak
    There are lot of vsti's around but... this synth has own personality. You can't just buy the best vsti's (feature wise). You'll need to have broad perspective of sound. That's why even if Thorn doesn't have features other synths have to offer, Thorn does have distinctive sound. It's all that matters. That's why I love it.
  • Thorn Review

    by EastColors
    Incredible synth, very flexible and easy to use with great sound! Love it
  • Very good synth!

    by Toscano
    Sound quality and variety: 5 stars.
    You just have to see a couple of the YouTube videos demonstrating it or, better still, pull down a demo and play with it for a while.
    Sounds great and organic, what a nice rewarding piece of software!
    Layout: 5 stars.
    Everything seems logical and clearly laid out. You can quickly figure out where everything is and access it easily, which is a plus when you want to make music and not study manuals.
    Manual and information: 4 stars
    The manual could use some more information and a few "How to" sections. For example, there's not much info regarding the use of FM synthesis between the oscillators. It sounds like FM, must be some kind of simple Osc 1 x Osc 2 x Osc 3 modulation, but fact is that is not clear at all.
    The manual and lack of good info on the synthesis capabilities of Thorn are, in my opinion, the only drawback to this synth.
  • Brilliant

    by Francisco Velazquez
    This Synth is an brilliant piece os Software.
    The Sound is amazing, the posibilities of changing the sound in the oscillator are awesome.
    The Harmonic filter send you to another level in sound Desing.
    I love it
    Thanks Dmitry Sches.
  • Wow: great bread and butter synth!

    by m2
    I wasn’t really expecting much, as instruments have never been Plugin Alliance’s thing, but this is an awesome synth! It’s always a pleasure to scroll through the presets, and hear one usable sound after another: growling basses, leads that cut, rich pads, and some extremely musical and funky arp/sequence presets. I look forward to exploring Thorn in depth, but my first (and second) impressions are that this synth is a keeper.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and enjoy!
  • Excellent

    by Steve
    Terrific sounding synth, no complaints and the patches that you get with it are top-shelf.
  • Great Sounds

    by Jweyerbacher
    At first I was a little bummed out by Thorn because of an installation issue involving resource.bin. I was able to get tech support and get the issue resolved. Now that I've tried it out I can say the quality of the sounds are very nice and rich. The combination of the parameters, built in Arp and Glitch effects make this a very versatile synth to add to anyone's collection.
  • Wooow!

    by Marc
    Wow, I extremly like the glitch and arp. Very modular with the harmonic filter. Superbe inovative thing to fix glitch, arp, effects and mod matrix for preset change!
  • Game of Thorn!!

    by rick drumss
    Really cool synth!! A hi-quality game changer plugin. It has help me with some Leads and Bases that i could not find in others synths i have. Highly recommended!!
  • Excellent. Easy.

    by chris_the_beard
    I'm primarily a guitar player / engineer. I don't know much about synth programming and have always struggled to get good sounds quickly out of other synth plugins. I'm not an EDM guy. I typically focus on pop, rock, indie, and country.
    This is the first of many software synths I've purchased that actually has a ton of GOOD / mix ready presets out of the box. The pads and leads are great and offer a lot of inspiration with almost zero effort. I also found this plugin very easy to use. It took me very little time to get comfortable tweaking the stock presets, and I found it very easy and intuitive to accomplish the sounds I was looking for. The effects section is great.
    Very impressed with this synth. It's definitely my new go-to.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you! Enjoy!