Customer Reviews

  • A classic

    by janomix
    Very good elysia emulation.
  • Best Instrument compressor I know

    by Maarten
    Since Ive got this plugin, I havent build a bass or guitar rig without this plugin. Its so clean and precise and even the subtlest compression makes your sound come to live. I love the GR-limiter, for when I get a little enthusiastic while playing, the sounds doesnt get to tight on a few louder notes. A wonderful plugin that keeps standing out in my 40+ compressor collection.
  • mpressor

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    I like this one for adding some dirt on overheads and rooms. Not as good as the Alpha-Compressor - but close. Who wants to use the same compressor on all stems? The variety makes the difference.
  • Surprisingly Good

    by Andre
    I own a ton of other compressors and I slept on this one for a long time, but this is becoming one of my most used compressors. To me this just sounds like exactly how I think a compressor ought to sound. It doesn't add a ton of harmonics, but it also definitely has a sound. It is perfect for evening out drum or bass performances or even adding punch to an electronic drum bus. I wouldn't hesitate to put this on anything.
  • Swiss knife of compression

    by Saturn Voyager
    I'm very impressed about this compressor's job, it's almost magic to have a so clean comp with its fast and precise capabilities. I use it all time to cut peaks and tame transients in general, on separate channels and even on the mix bus, but I know its capabilities goes further.
  • El mejor compresor para percusiones y voces que he utilizado

    by Santiago Rojas Ochoa
    Gran interfaz, sencilla de utilizar y que genera gran sonido a las mezclas, el único pero que le veo esque no sirve el Side chain en reader
  • One, no, three words: Gain Reduction Limiter!

    by Alex D
    This is a good nice clean compressor. Works well under stress, sounds good. Nothing mind blowing, nothing bad either.
    What sets this compressor apart though is the gain reduction limiter. It allows for sounds you just don't get with other compressors.
    In a world with so many good sounding compressors this feature really sets it apart.
  • Elysia mpressor

    by Jan
    I LOVE IT!!!
  • Well worth the money

    by Project Sirius
    I've been using Waves SLL-G compressor and Cytomic The Glue for now. Then read some reviews about Elysia mpressor, because i thought those compressors I used lacked something.
    Well. I was right. Mpressor is truly a work of art. It has such a character in it, you have to hear it to believe it. I had The Glue on my synth track, replaced it with mpressor, and it just got more "alive" than ever before. Even with exactly the same settings than my other compressor.
    You have sidechain option, auto-attack works fine and negative ratio can give you some interesting sounds. Gain Reduction Limiter, the EQ...
    Only downsides are that there is no built in high-pass filter or wet/dry knob. I know this is a representation of the hardware, but they would make working much easier and faster without the manual routing, that is why I am taking one star off.
    Try before you buy it, but keep that wallet near. You just may fall in love.
  • nicely emulated

    by PMT Studio
    transparency is so great I noticed it when it was bypassed , nicely done