Customer Reviews

  • Elysia mpressor

    by Jan
    I LOVE IT!!!
  • Well worth the money

    by Project Sirius
    I've been using Waves SLL-G compressor and Cytomic The Glue for now. Then read some reviews about Elysia mpressor, because i thought those compressors I used lacked something.
    Well. I was right. Mpressor is truly a work of art. It has such a character in it, you have to hear it to believe it. I had The Glue on my synth track, replaced it with mpressor, and it just got more "alive" than ever before. Even with exactly the same settings than my other compressor.
    You have sidechain option, auto-attack works fine and negative ratio can give you some interesting sounds. Gain Reduction Limiter, the EQ...
    Only downsides are that there is no built in high-pass filter or wet/dry knob. I know this is a representation of the hardware, but they would make working much easier and faster without the manual routing, that is why I am taking one star off.
    Try before you buy it, but keep that wallet near. You just may fall in love.
  • nicely emulated

    by PMT Studio
    transparency is so great I noticed it when it was bypassed , nicely done
  • Transient field !!

    by Mchangani
    Just bought it a few minutes ago and my drums have escalated into a transient field of explosion!! I took a generic loop on Logic x and messed with a few knobs then BAM! everything came to live...I then inserted the ssle 4000,bax eq and side chained the Lindell 354E right before the Mpressor! My smile turned into a mean mug very quick, I have never felt like this about a plug in! Thank You! My mixes will definitely reach the next level!!!!!!!!!!
  • Impressor

    by J
  • work horse with steroids

    by Stereotactic
    If you are looking for a bred and butter compressor no look furder.
    This compressor will do all you need and so much more.
    Intuitive, easy to use, versatile and the most important It sounds incredible.
    A must have.
  • mpressor

    by MrChunk
    If your looking for Fast look no further. This is one fast compressor. Perfect for Vocals. Smoooooth... This is a very transparent compressor also and the GR limit is amazing for controlling the amount of compression. Buy it!
  • Wow

    by THIS
    This thing is magic. Period.
  • Elysia Mpressor

    by Mats
    Super nice compressor! Use it on everything!
  • It is for BIG DRUMS

    by dbsounds
    It's absolutely astonishing compressor for parallel drums and room squashing. I've tried lots of them through the years and used to think the UA version of Neve was the best. Now I don't.