Customer Reviews

  • Impressor

    by J
  • work horse with steroids

    by Stereotactic
    If you are looking for a bred and butter compressor no look furder.
    This compressor will do all you need and so much more.
    Intuitive, easy to use, versatile and the most important It sounds incredible.
    A must have.
  • mpressor

    by MrChunk
    If your looking for Fast look no further. This is one fast compressor. Perfect for Vocals. Smoooooth... This is a very transparent compressor also and the GR limit is amazing for controlling the amount of compression. Buy it!
  • Wow

    by THIS
    This thing is magic. Period.
  • Elysia Mpressor

    by Mats
    Super nice compressor! Use it on everything!
  • It is for BIG DRUMS

    by dbsounds
    It's absolutely astonishing compressor for parallel drums and room squashing. I've tried lots of them through the years and used to think the UA version of Neve was the best. Now I don't.
  • Crush it

    by Dear DR
    Not sure why I thought I needed another compressor but it seemed this one would have a wide threshold in being able to use Suttly or crushing the the H out of your source and it does just that and I also like
    The fact that you can hone in on a frequency and emphasise on it and bring it out even more and maybe not need an EQ then there’s the red buttons more toys
    Nice compressor to add to the collection its unique !
  • Features

    by EA
    Great plug love the sound and features
  • good~!!

    by MP
    I became a favorite plugin for my project.
  • Must Have

    by Chris Peker
    One of my favorite compressors. Very unique features like gain reduction limiter and negative ratios making him to one of it's kind. Must have for every modern producer.