Customer Reviews

  • Very close to the hardware

    by Luca Lombardi
    Very, very close.
    Anti log and GR limiter are incredible for DRUM BUSS.
    Absolutely crazy.
    I love it. I can work without.
  • Unique transient shaper

    by Constantin
    It's a great addition to any other set of compressors. Does it's own thing and you can get really creative with it.
    One of my favorite plugins since I heard it first time
  • WOW

    by Ahmed Boareki
    I don't know how to describe this plugin , I think it's a must have in any DAW.
  • Smack!

    by Jakob
    This is a really cool compressor!
    It can be subtle and i just love the "Gain Reduction Limiter". But the "real thing" with this compressor is that it can be a brutal beast in more extreme settings and i've never heard a compressor squeeze a sound like this before!
  • Compressor with an attitude

    by KJR
    With so many compressor plugins I wonder how different can one be from another. I will say that this one is...compression with attitude. It can be smooth but also allow you to do some extreme effects like nothing else I've seen. If you want something to give you some unique elements you will be pleased.
  • Simply amazing!

    by pepepe
    This plugin has really nice features and it just sounds amazing! Very good on drum bus and vocals!
  • Miguel Garcia

    by Miguel Garcia
    I never Thought use this for vocals... but it really sounds good with a little retocuh...
  • King of Sidechaining

    by AreG
    I own so many great compressors, but none can duck like the mpressor. It is also a superb all-round compressor and even has a GR limiter which is quite a handy tool. If you produce/mix modern music where ducking is absolutely essential, the mpressor should be on your short-list.