Customer Reviews

  • Clean and crisp

    by EA
    Works very well
  • The nvelope Please!

    by Headstack
    Another stellar Elysia product, modeled by the good folks from Brainworx.
    I'm a big fan of Transient Designers, have several, and find nvelope can sound great on the usual suspects.
    In Dual Band, nvelope can be a pleasing tool for voice De-essing.
    It found its way onto a couple of tracks the other day before a bit of compression, and the results were suprisingly good.
    Thanks again Plugin-Alliance!
  • Ultimate percussion shaper

    by AreG
    elysia nvelope is so easy to use and sounds fantastic. Being able to control the sustain of the lows and the attack of the highs is exactly what you need for shaping percussion. There are a few multiband transient designers out there, but none that sound as good as the nvelope. Magnificent color.
  • Great sound, fiddly controls

    by sramsay
    Like all the PA emulations of elysia gear, this things sounds absolutely fantastic. But I just cannot give five stars to a tool where the controls are this fidgety. Touch them, and your settings are gone. Really sloppy UX. Oh, and that *tiny screw* is your output. Have fun with that!
  • Fantastic hardware emulation

    by MCCdusk
    This is definitely one of the most stunning dynamic plugins I´ve ever used for mastering. Once thrown on a muddy drum loop or stem, you´ll get next level musical results within seconds.
    It is so much more than just an envelope shaper. Elysia envelope is a genius masterpiece!
  • Nvelope

    by Bhang
    This is one of the best transient shapers I have ever used. Highly recommended.
  • One of the best

    by sleen
    One of the best of its kind. I love the ability to choose between ranges, makes so much sense! Artifacts are well controlled. Sounds great.
    Every time again I'm glad I bought it.
  • It's Basically Magic

    by Ryan
    It's appropriately named.
    When I really want to force a sound to behave differently, nvelope lets me manipulate it in unnatural ways... without the results *sounding* unnatural. It's great alternative to a more typical transient designer for short, punctuated, rhythmic material.
  • love it!

    by Felipe Ortiz
    Super useful tool for shaping drums. Love the auto makeup gain!
  • My Favourite Transient Enhancer!

    by EAS Studios
    I've often struggled with digital transient enhancers - most feel a bit wrong to me. This is the first one I've used that I'm able to go aggressively with - the control set and features offered by elysia in the design are well thought out and inspiring to use.
    great product!