Customer Reviews

  • Very clean and open sounding Transientshaper

    by Matti Ott
    I was very wrong when trying the demo almost 2 years ago and since then never touched it again. Gave it another try and man this is an incredible transientshaper. Sounds so open, clean and free of unpleasent distortion which some other transientshaper suffer from. I guess thats because of the class A design. It´s also funny that everytime a plugin sticks out soundwise for me Reimund Dratwa has the credits for it. His name is synonym with sound quality. Very authentic and powerfull sound might become my favourite transientshaper!!!
  • Easily the best trans designer

    by D Lawrence
    I own many trans designers. And this one has eclipsed them all. I have never been disappointed by this stellar plugin.
  • Great for Kick rumble

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    Ideal for controlling Kick attack, tail and rumble
  • SNAP

    by Nick F
    Just so useful - does a LOT with only a few controls. I've never needed any other transient designer - type plugins with this loaded up. Does the business.
  • Deep

    by JC
    Having bought various transient designers / shapers over the last couple of years to deal with badly recorded live drums, well, this is the only one I need, apparently! Thank you PA.
  • Too small

    by axb
    Love the plugin and what it can do for your sound. This is almost negated by the size of the plugin though. TIny screw to adjust gain, no autogain, no waveform display - just some of my peeves.
  • Prescription for Kicks and Snares

    by MixingITB
    I use this on my kicks and drums primarily and it brings new life to drum kits. It does wonders to improve the kick clicks and snare trails. The first time I used it, I thought the changes would be subtle at best but I was impressed at how intelligently it sculpts the sound.
    This plugin is another one of those "you never realized you needed this until you've used it" type of plugin.
    Dual band mode is a prescription for the kick and snare of your track to really cut through the mix. You actually can overdo the effect, which is nice in certain situations, but it can also be subtle to highlight the click or snare trail just a tiny bit.
    This is the kind of plugin that turns a kick and snare samples into go-to samples when inspiration hits. Nice one Plugin Alliance.
  • nvelope

    by MrChunk
    After trialing the Nvelope plugin I had to have it, It made a huge difference in my Drums. You can focus your Snares low mids to make it thump and focus a Kick to snap and punch like it never did before. Its more than just another Transient sharper. Buy it you wont be sorry!
  • A very unique notching tool

    by midmodman
    I didn't think I would need this, but then I demo'd it while it was on sale and, to my surprise, I loved everything I put it on. It really seems to pull a sound forward - OR set it back slightly - without losing audio fidelity, and without introducing harshness that so often results from digital transient shaping. On its own, I love what it does to sequencer lines out of synths. I consider it an essential tool as part of my sound design toolbox now. The only drawback I find - for me - is that the interface seems rather dry. Requires a lot of playing to get to where I want to go. Perhaps a more modernized, waveform display? Still, I have grown to love the outcome. Special.
  • Nvelope

    by Dear DR
    Love these new plugs that give you a tighter grip on the attack and release then our beloved compressors I’ll probably get
    The transient designer plus eventually as well both are diverse in different ways and definitely effective!