Customer Reviews

  • More than a shaper

    by Alex Hepting
    The capabilities of this tool are incredibly and easy to use. Tame softer or sharper attacks and adjust sustain times while still keep a natural sound, definitely sounds better than a general transient shaper because it reacts to the frequency shape of the sound. After that the perceived source material sounds clearer but at same time not harsher. This is more a mixing tool and is great for drums and bass. I guess this becomes bread and butter tool to every drummer and top notch music producer. It is very generous with CPU - you could drop it on every channel and watch your sound light up.
  • Great transient shaper, eats cpu cycles

    by Hermanzaum
    I really wanted to use this on most of my tracks because it's such a great and musical transient shaper. However, it eats a lot of CPU cycles so I use it sparingly (on more problematic or important tracks) and rely on other transient shapers for the grunt work.
  • nvelope

    by Michael Dow
    Great plugin, does what you want it to, and more. By this i mean you can creatively use it to adjust or freak out a drum or synth loop in a way you wouldn't have thought about. Use that attack sparingly! It really does add serious bite and if you're not careful, it will make the front end of a transient sound a little unrealistic, or like it is WAY too close to your ear!
    Also careful of CPU load... i'm on an i7 quad and this thing eats up 6-9% with ONE instance. Hopefully this gets sorted soon!
  • bad girl !!

    by Zo
    Ok i also own the spl Transient designer Plus (you can even watch my video on it : "no joke") and i was wondering , do i really need this baby ...
    Tried it and bingo ...let's be more precise : the options are way different, so are the sonic results ..
    Spl : the side chain let's you chose the frequency you want to FOCUS on
    Nveloppe: in dual mode you actually chose a range via the high and low shelve style filter ...
    Attack the freq set the what freq everything upper than this freq will be impacted.
    Sustain : the freq will set the freq below everything will be impacted .
    Eq mode : a plus , but not important at all for me in the plugin world , in the HW world , another story !!
    The results in my tests is that on complex material , the Nveloppe is WAY more natural , less pumping fx still retain the character of the drums with heavy settings (this was what i tested on mainly) , to do so the SPL gotta be way more gentle on setting , the results is that it's less pleasant cause less fx (sustain or attack)
    4 stars because : no mix knob , ridiculous screw for gain , no Left /right as the HW or M/S ? Why ?
    Conclusion :
    SPL for individual sound , low cpu hit less latency
    Nveloppe, more complex sound , more cpu (oversampling) a little more latency
  • Unbelievably powerful tool

    by TommyV
    When I heard about this plugin for the first time, I wondered why an owner of Transient Designer Plus might need this one too. However, the question turned out to be completely irrelevant. Actually, Nvelope is truly different from TD+ in terms of functionality and sound. It's so much more than just another transient shaper. Its shelf eq is one of the very best tone shapers you are going to find in the plugin format while the attack and sustain knobs help whatever stuff to sit in the mix noticeably better. You can mangle your loops as much as you want without going wrong. You can put +10db more attack into your beat and reduce its sustain by 15db and everything sounds still brilliant. Absolutely recommended!
  • Holy Grail of Transient Shapers

    No other transient shapers sound as meaty and as musical to my ears, nor are they as flexible. It's not the only one I use, but it is always the first one I reach for and usually the last. It's a dream on kick drum for adjusting attack or tail at 50Hz or bringing out the high-end click. I also use it to bring out or reduce dynamics on almost any instrument or percussion track. It simply sounds better than everything else in its class in vast majority of cases. And like all Elysia plugins, it has serious analog vibe yet remains transparent in the ways that matter to me.