Customer Reviews

  • E646 VS

    by Domenico
    very precise & authentic emulation, great stuff as always ... thank you :-)
  • ENGL E646VS Review

    by Mickey Mess
    This is a truly great plugin from PA. I have tried almost all Guitar Amps plugins out there and this is simply in a class by itself. It doesn't have all the effects racks etc. - no this is a guitar amp plugin and does exactly that, emulate the ENGL E646VS guitar amp to perfection. This is simply the most realistic emulation of a guitar amp out there - period. If you need crunch, power, character and soul to stand out then this is for you.
  • Great sound, but....

    by E646
    I really love the tone of this plugin. It’s really sweet and I like the feel of the plugin.
    The plugin is not very stable on my Logic Pro X however. I will always get the error message when I quit Logic, and I have confirmed this plugin to be the culprit. I am using a Mac Pro, so resource constraint is not the issue.
  • 646

    by JH Studio
    What a great amp sim. I like the clean tones best but this amp can go all the way to crazy.
  • Great Tones

    by m2
    I think it goes without saying that we live in remarkable times: to be able to produce such rich guitar tones in a plugin is amazing. E646 VS rocks, and the extensive selection of recording chains built in to the plugin adds all sorts of flexibility to the mix.
  • Sweet

    by EA
    Most excellent tone !
  • Metal giant...???

    by Christoph K
    ....of course I don't have much words for it. The clean sound is very nice.
    The high-gain chanal is ENGL-like FAT!!!
    You won't hear a difference between the plugin and a good microphoned amplifier.
    And it works on Digital Performer 9.1 without any problems.
  • Great Tube Distortion

    by Hugo Vallada
    Insanely good sounding plugin. It applies the distortion you're looking for to Rock/Metal tracks, you can shred it and it will still sound good. Its easy to hear the Tube distortion and how it fades out nicely, after a single note is played in the channel where the E646 was inserted.
    The engineers did an awesome job on the ENGL E646 VS digital emulation. Without a doubt it was worth buying!
  • Brilliant simulator

    by CadErik
    Not only this one has some serious distorted tones but it also has a lot from clean to crunchy tones. The realism of this plugin is really incredible - dynamics and speaker are worth the try.
  • Superb

    by Schoeps where are you
    Way ahead of the competition.