Customer Reviews

  • Just, YES!

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    The correct amount of boom, with a silky grain and delightful shimmer.
  • Engl E646 VS

    by Jimmy
    sounds awesome! worth it! i own 2 engl amps (steve morse, invader) and this definitely gives you the tone engl amps are known for.
  • This is the ONE

    by Benoni
    The Engl E646 VS from Brainworx is THE definitive amp plugin. This is currently the most accurate amp plugin. It's realistic, versatile, and deep.
    This amp can do amazing cleans all the way to brutal metal. It even stands up to 9 string guitars! If I could only have ONE amp plugin, this would be the one.
  • ENGL 646VS

    by Jack
    This amp has become my go-to plugin for high gain sounds; doesn't do too bad on clean either. Definitely not Fender clean but it's not sterile either. I have the Engl Powerball emulation that IK has in Amplitube which used to be one of my go-to's for high gain. The 646 has a cleaner sound whereas the IK amp sounds nasally compared the 646. I had a piece where I was trying to get an Alex Lifeson high gain sound (nobody has an H&K Triamp plugin); tried a couple of different amp models and this nailed it. As a byproduct it got out of the way tone-wise with the bass track in the same piece. Well done Brainworx.
  • great

    by teen wei
    easy to use!
  • The Real Thing

    by MCCdusk
    There are lots of ENGL software emulations on the market, but
    this one REALLY rocks like the hardware does. Chapeau!
  • E646 VS

    by Domenico
    very precise & authentic emulation, great stuff as always ... thank you :-)
  • ENGL E646VS Review

    by Mickey Mess
    This is a truly great plugin from PA. I have tried almost all Guitar Amps plugins out there and this is simply in a class by itself. It doesn't have all the effects racks etc. - no this is a guitar amp plugin and does exactly that, emulate the ENGL E646VS guitar amp to perfection. This is simply the most realistic emulation of a guitar amp out there - period. If you need crunch, power, character and soul to stand out then this is for you.
  • Great sound, but....

    by E646
    I really love the tone of this plugin. It’s really sweet and I like the feel of the plugin.
    The plugin is not very stable on my Logic Pro X however. I will always get the error message when I quit Logic, and I have confirmed this plugin to be the culprit. I am using a Mac Pro, so resource constraint is not the issue.
  • 646

    by JH Studio
    What a great amp sim. I like the clean tones best but this amp can go all the way to crazy.