Customer Reviews

  • Top amp

    by JJBOT
    This plugin has something special, and big sound, whatever the guitar type is.
  • Power ball !

    by Dear DR
    I own a couple of Engl amps the powerball 2 in which this plugin I believe is modeled after and the savage . Since I’m to lazy to mic up amps and make all that noise being I love mixing not the pre stuff , I’m totally into having a model of one of my best amps and make it happen. Great job to
    PA get it ! and rock out with your axe out !
  • E646 VS

    by mikedaly
    I can get al kinds of awesome tones with this thing. Tons of different signal chains to try out. The filters help you keep your low end tight and your highs from being harsh at high gain. Has a pretty nice gate and delay as well.
  • E646 VS review

    by Sparxx
    I bought this plug in and was happy to pay full price because it's the first that DIDN'T sound like a plug in. Dismayed to find the next month that it was 1/3 the price though haha. But seriously this is a fine plug in and from cleans to full aggressive metal it sounds pretty damn awesome.
  • Much more than metal

    by MixedbyMe
    This is a well known rock and metal amp and I understand why, But this thing takes a clean signal and gives it that vibe that very few amp sims ever get close to, it is versatile in a way that a real amp can be, dial in the tones you have in your head
  • WoW ENGL

    by grazianova
    Great Sound for Solo Or Combination off manny more Amps Cool Deley sound is WOW for Solo Git. Is a a Big Sound and not Swimming Cool Attack time and Humanicing sound
  • This is not a metal amp ( or not only a metal amp!)

    by Faland
    Am I crazy? Maybe, but not in this occasion. I never heard these sparkling clean tones in plugin format before. I have tried or own (almost) all the amp emulations on the market. Never.
    This review is for both the ENGL amps. Very versatile and complete couple. In conjunction with a greenscreamer or a yellowdrive they sounds even better. No more words. Let's play.
  • E646 VS

    by Tonelab Recording
    Far Cleaner than the Revalver 4 Version. Crisp, Highs, Well Defined Mids, and Quite Versatile
  • E646 VS

    by Joe Solo
    As both a guitar player and a record producer, authentic tone is the name of the game. And PA nails it!
    And they add on parameters and processes that aren't available on the hardware versions, so the PA emulations are BETTER then the hardware versions in functionality as well.
    To put it simply: The E646 VS ROCKS.