Customer Reviews

  • It works!

    by Willem
    High quality and versatile chorus/flanger effect that can work very subtle to enhance the stereo image or to add movement to a sound without mono compatibility issues. It replaced all of my previous chorus and flanger plugins at once.
  • Ruben Nievas

    by Rbn
    This Plugin is a truly versatile. A great tools for mastering, previews mix and restoration mono tracks (old records, old MONO instruments, etc). You can be highly creative with it and controllably imaginative in your mixing.
    Ruben Nievas
    Soundscapes & Music for Films
    Musician - Composer
    Synthestrator/MIDI Orchestrator
    Sound design & Synth programmer
  • Fiedler Audio Stage

    by smartalec61
    I've only tried it a little bit so far, but I'm really enjoying it. I put in on my mix bus to "widen" the field just a smidge. It's quite subtle, but it adds that little something that you really miss if you take it away.
    I didn't give it five stars only because I don't know it well enough yet.
  • fiedler audio stage

    by Bill
    I used this on my video mastering project and a two part sound experiment seeking a warm, clean, vintage 3D sound. In every case, the fiedler audio stage brought life, animation, and a wizard's magic to every audio track I worked with. It brought a sense of space and distance that I think is simply awesome! I took advantage of the introductory offer and i"m very glad I did. I have a feeling this will be a sleeper plugin that will have people asking; "How did you get that incredible sound!? Thank you PA; this is a great plugin and definitely a winner!
  • Can be wonderfully subtle

    by Michael
    I'm finding Stage great for times when your source needs some width or space around it, but a reverb or small room effect is not exactly what you want. Another great colour in the toolbox!
  • Fiedler Audio

    by Perry
    Very Nice Room simulations , great for a chamber or ambiance.
    Great to send to and remix back into a mix.
  • Ear Candy

    by JoDell Playmaker
    Stage adds that little stereo magic to any of your favorite sounds. You can be extreme or very subtle.
  • Subtle beauty!

    by lurojas
    I have been using Stage on a majority of the masters I have done in the past month. It has really help me create a nice stereo spread without sounding artificially enhanced. I really love how it sounds, and I love the simplicity of the GUI. This tool is a no brainer!
  • Fiedler Audio - Stage

    by Jam EL Mar
    This is my favorite tool when it comes to creating ambiences - extremely flexible from natural spaces to wild & weird! Love it!
  • Solid and Useful

    by bd
    Have already used this on half of the mastering jobs this month. This is a really well laid out easy to use plug-in to exploit the Haas effect. The modulation controls are a nice touch that simplifies the blending process. I've used it on full masters to add some life into flat sounding mixes and I've used it to re-balance stems that are too dry or too one sided. There's the capability to push this to a creative extreme, but for me that's not the point. It has a solid straight ahead layout that pulls together half a dozen subtle "tricks" into a single GUI making this a really useful tool for subtle enhancements. It's a time saver! And I need to save some time...