Customer Reviews

  • Fuchs OD supreme

    by jtp
    Very impressed with Fuchs Overdrive Supreme, best cleans I've heard from an amp sim and along with the cab selections from PA it's become so quick and painless to find great tones to work with. Also Gig Performer is really a great piece of software!
  • ODS 50

    by jeffsjazz
    Bought this and Train ll the day they were first available. I am not disappointed. Definitely the best amp plugins I've ever used! I've been a huge fan of the "D" style amps for a long time, The work that has gone into these plugins blow my mind! There is usually something that doesn't FEEL right in amp plugins to me, but both of these plugins sound awesome and feel so dynamic and responsive to your playing style. Love the ODS, and completely surprised how much I love the Train ll. Two different beasts that cover a ton of sounds. My new go to plugins. Period!
  • Just Perfect

    by Gary Regnier
    This is the benchmark for amp sims, period !
  • Omg

    by Psysword
    Well I’m the first! Took a chance with my coupons on this one and slapped it on a recorded clean guitar not expecting much. Boy oh boy! I have all the plugins and I was relying on Guitar rig 5 among others like impact sound works and Bias Fx, amp, pedal. Literally all garbage. The tone I got from this thing was rich and heavy. Crunchy with simple controls but they don’t mess around. Absolutely guitar heaven. Didn’t expect this from you Dirk and you are taking money from a baby. Wish I could say it wasn’t worth it, but no. Buy. Insta buy! If you want to hear tones like never heard before on VST3, then buy now. I promise you that it’s a game changer. Dirk, I need more vouchers for the ‘train’ amp. Frantically need to buy it. The Red Baron is a Teutonic beast and I’m convinced he will rule Germany pretty soon! He deserves it.
  • Fuchs ODS

    by cowparsleyman
    Stunning coding, I've been after the Larry Carlton sound for many years, and this is the closest I've got after many amps and amp sims.
    Thank You PA