Customer Reviews

  • Excelente!

    by Mishaja Cut
    Excelente amplificador!
  • Freaking LOVE it

    by Julian
    I am not a Guitarplayer in first place though I am a Music Producer and Bassplayer (since 95') and wanted to have some Guitar Amps in my Arsenal when Mixing / Producing Music... tried this one by accident and it freaking LOVE it - it has this wonderfull clean to crunchy Sound without sounding to heavy - cuts like a Knife... will not do it without anymore :)
  • What a gem!

    by Cube
    A really really fine adaption of the Fuchs! Saying this with an Axe-FX III beside me ...
  • Fuchs OS-50

    by sean fullerton
    I've been watching the modelling game for
    many years now, and this is my first purchase.
    It's versatile with lots of tonal options, plus the
    tone holds together throughout all levels of gain...
    plenty of dynamic muscle, but it also has a delicate
    shimmery (strat clean) side. sf
  • My Favorite Amp

    by Saturn Voyager
    After trying several amp emulations I finally found the sound I was looking for, this amp emulation sound so rich and fancy. There´s no way to sound bad on it
  • Legendary!

    by Faydit
    I must admit, I never had the pleasure to play a real Dumble amp. But the few Dumble amp simulations, I knew, never really convinced me very much. In most cases I only heard some sort of Fender-based tones, with a - for my - too sharp, too shrill sounding treble range and some decent, but not really ear-pleasing overdrive.
    Things changed, after I've tested this plugin for the first time. I cannot really judge, how authentically the Fuchs amp is compared to a real Dumble, but even without this comparison this seems to be an absolutely fantastic amp and this also is a fantastic sounding amp simulation!
    Very naturally, organically sounding and reacting clean and crunched tones, with excellent sound shaping options, combined with a lot of typical American character and - for my taste - even better overdrive tones, which for me sound like some sort of hot-rodded Tweed amp, but already with some slightly more elegant British (AC-30, Plexi) character, combined with a very flexible tone control, better adjustable preamp as well as poweramp saturation. A very balanced, harmonically complex tone, nevertheles with good reaction to attack and enough bite, combined with good, but still naturally sounding sustain and excellent harmonics reproduction, which just sounds and feels right, which also means, like a real (boutique) tube amp.
    The tone controls work very good. Although the basic voicing is more Fender based, it not only allows the expected, typical mid.scooped tones, but you can also add and boost mids, which results in some sort of more British voiced „Tweed meets Plexi“ character. More elegant, not as rough and dirty as a Marshall but with good reaction to attack and wonderful harmonics.
    I think, this unique "best of both worlds"-combination in a single amp is, what made the first Dumbles so famous and as long as you're not looking for heavier, rougher high-gain metal tones, these tones still today can be defined as benchmarks.
    But these limitations only are valid for the amp (simulation) alone. If you eg. use a Boss MT-2, or even a HM-2 simulation or comparable pedals in front - which both not really are favorite pedals of mine sonically - you can even get exellent Metal tones with good harmonics, a lot of transparency and vivid reaction to attack, even with medium gain settings on the amp (sim). The resulting tones doubtlessly can compete with modern High-gain/Metal amps. Proves the sonic quality of this amp (sim), that it also works well with such or other pedals. The noise gate, which you hardly have to use with the plugin alone, really can be very helpful with distortion pedals in front.
    I also tried using a Klon Centaur in front, but to be honest, these tones – or also typical Zendrive tones - you anyway get out of the ODS 50 alone better, a SD-1 works fine, but my favorite pedals here would be an OCD or a Tube Driver for some more selectable roughness and dirt. (If you find a standalone version of them somewhere. An OCD (with selectable V1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 mode) and a Tube Driver (with adjustable bias control) would anyway be nice additions to the Brainworx pedals collection, I think.)
    It seems to be difficult, to get any really wrong or bad sounding tones out of this plugin, this plugin gives you a lot of magical, legendary tube amp tones for (almost) every purpose.
    The speaker/cabinet selection is good, especially the Warehouses match really well here, the different Celestions anyway sound as expected. A surprise for me was the Friedman 112 cabinet with a single G12M CR. The single Creamback harmonizes surprisingly good with this amp.
    I think, this is one of the best, most naturally sounding and most authentically behaving and reacting amp simulations, which are available at the moment.
    Really a masterpiece!
  • Fuchs OD supreme

    by jtp
    Very impressed with Fuchs Overdrive Supreme, best cleans I've heard from an amp sim and along with the cab selections from PA it's become so quick and painless to find great tones to work with. Also Gig Performer is really a great piece of software!
  • ODS 50

    by jeffsjazz
    Bought this and Train ll the day they were first available. I am not disappointed. Definitely the best amp plugins I've ever used! I've been a huge fan of the "D" style amps for a long time, The work that has gone into these plugins blow my mind! There is usually something that doesn't FEEL right in amp plugins to me, but both of these plugins sound awesome and feel so dynamic and responsive to your playing style. Love the ODS, and completely surprised how much I love the Train ll. Two different beasts that cover a ton of sounds. My new go to plugins. Period!
  • Just Perfect

    by Gary Regnier
    This is the benchmark for amp sims, period !
  • Omg

    by Psysword
    Well I’m the first! Took a chance with my coupons on this one and slapped it on a recorded clean guitar not expecting much. Boy oh boy! I have all the plugins and I was relying on Guitar rig 5 among others like impact sound works and Bias Fx, amp, pedal. Literally all garbage. The tone I got from this thing was rich and heavy. Crunchy with simple controls but they don’t mess around. Absolutely guitar heaven. Didn’t expect this from you Dirk and you are taking money from a baby. Wish I could say it wasn’t worth it, but no. Buy. Insta buy! If you want to hear tones like never heard before on VST3, then buy now. I promise you that it’s a game changer. Dirk, I need more vouchers for the ‘train’ amp. Frantically need to buy it. The Red Baron is a Teutonic beast and I’m convinced he will rule Germany pretty soon! He deserves it.