Customer Reviews

  • 50 Series

    by Oliver Probst
    Just incredibly good!
  • Detail and punch

    by luca vittori
    I have worked on an API console for a while in the past and since then I've always been looking for something who could get close enough to that detailed and punchy sound when mixing in the box. I finally got it!
  • Vocals

    by Andy King
    I rarely write reviews but this deserves one. It’s the best channel strip I’ve used on vocals! Sounds big, polished and professional. I love API sound! It’s my new go to sound
  • Finally!

    by CLNyc
    I was just saying to myself last week how much I wanted a great API console emulation and when was PA going to make one.
    Landed on the page tonight and picked it up. Awesome!!
    Thank you so much!
    Edit- I HAVE to add more. I love this strip. As other's have mentioned, so many different ways to shape your tone. This is my new go to strip. I wish it were avail as DSP but not a major problem. I have several other "API" strips but this one with it's options and tone really does it for me. Gets me the the grit. The variable HP filter up front really helps. It's not just a drum and rock vocal strip (though some great presets for those are given). OK- I'll stop the rave...
  • Lindell 50 Series

    by William L
    I'm glad I subscribed a MEGA Bundle with such a thrilling tool inside. This is absolutely fantastic. Now I feel I will need to see how it sounds on quite a lot of my work, that I though was OK and finished. Was not.
  • My favorite!!!

    by lurojas
    I have always been a big fan of API, and the API sound. Finally someone has come out with the ultimate channel strip! The options are ridiculous! The look, and layout are clean and simple to navigate. The sound is stellar! 3 EQ options in one strip is amazing. The hidden gem for me is a gate that actually works properly. The metering is the most accurate I have used thus far. Thanks Lindell and Plugin Alliance!!!
  • My new favorite channel strip!

    by fixintogetmixin
    Plugin Alliance has done it again! The Lindell 50 channel is everything you want in a channel strip and more. The ability to change between 3 different eq’s and 2 compressors is a great and extremely useful feature. Warm, smooth, punchy and aggressive, it’s all here. Sonically satisfying!
  • honey for Drums

    by apaivab
    quick honey for drums! goes like this: loop you drum part, insert the Lindell 50 Chanel, turn up the THD 4-5dB, change the EQ to the 60 model, subtract/add a little bit of tone per your taste, adjust the VCA comp Threshold until GR is barely 6, turn up Gain. Bye bye.
  • Excellent Sound

    by Roger Hsu
    A great shot on combination of various API gears.
    Get API 550/560 & 2500 & 527-modified compressor all in one!
    The preamp is so cool which brings tracks to life, tight, punchy & transparent.
  • Lindell 50 Series

    by Ryan Richko
    Api has always been my number 1 preferred sound. This channel strip is the best sounding Api plugin to date (I own them all, including hardware 550As and a hardware 5500). It comes really damn close to the hardware, and that is impressive to me. The best thing about the plugin, aside from the wonderful sound, is the functionality. 3 EQs and 2 compressors, the ability to go beyond the original filters, the ability to EQ in between +/- 2 db, the sum bus, and more. It's great value for the money.
    I can safely say this is my favorite plugin of all time. It will be my go to for everything alongside my Massenburg MDWEQ5.
    Like all the Plugin Alliance channel strips, they are incredibly detailed, tight, huge 3d stereo imaging, and overall the best channel strips on the market.
    I am looking forward to what they come up with next. Hopefully a Trident channel or even better, a TG channel!