Customer Reviews

  • Console with sound as big as its knobs..

    by Alex Sate
    For a very long time, subtlety was not a choice for me. I love when a plugin has a distinctive "fingerprint". But there are situations when record already sounds good and you feel the need to maintain this. This is when Lindell 50 comes handy. Tight and clear, punchy and open — this is how I can describe this plugin.
    Lindell 50 can easily become your new go-to, given the fact of three EQs and two compressors inside of it.
    Must have.
  • Exactly What I Was Hoping For

    by Andre
    I've been wanting an API Channel Strip for a long time. Even though I have a UAD system the API vision strip takes up too much processing to be able to use it across an entire mix. I really like the mid range punchiness of the API sound and in just minutes I was able to put this across my drums and get exactly the sound I was looking for. I love having 3 different EQs and 2 compressors all in one plugin! I'm extremely satisfied. It is everything I hoped it would be and more.
  • Good as hell

    by Gscheidel
    I don 't know if this sound like an Api console, just don' t have 200000€.... But I can say that it sounds fucking good, punchy as hell, just tried on a metal song and does the jod very well, good job Lindell and plugin alliance, you make me happy! Very happy \''/
  • So powerful !!! Bravo !!!

    by Produce_in_the_box_fr
    I have been working in the box for over 15 years !!! after being impressed by the ssl and lindell 80 series, I can now produce with the Lindell 50 series !!! guys you can't imagine how excited i am to produce with this tool which is the Lindell 50 series !! it's professional work, as usual !!!
    Donat Louisin "produce in the box fr"
  • unique and complete

    by Mario Blankenberg
    Thank you Plugin Alliance, Thank you Lindell. Another winner !