Customer Reviews

  • Lindell

    by Ger
    El mejor 1176
  • Joef

    by Great plugin!
    More than a 1176 emulation!
  • Emulation

    by Adán López
    Genial en muchas cosas, no hay duda que esté compresor hará el mejor trabajo tanto en grabación como en mezcla!
  • asdasd

    by dasd

    by Esteban Vargas
    Cuando no puedo arreglármelas con el compresor del SSL E channel, uso el 7X-500 para tener más control en mis mezclas, este compresor me fascina !!!
  • excellent sound

    by Luis
    I like the sound and all extra features
  • 混音

    by 王新
  • 7X-500

    by UB
    Like the FET character and push it hard to get that lovely distortion. I use it mostly on drum tracks as a insert processor or parallel.
    Very musical comp!
  • True vintage character!

    by Maniou
    True analogue sound with some wobbling in the lows, great control options.
  • 7X-500

    by EJR
    If you like bussing your bass and drums together, this comp will glue them in a more convincing way than any other vst comp I've heard. The pressure it adds to the bottom end is unbelievable. I'm really impressed with the Lindell/LSR plugins.