Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Leo
    The best fet compressor. It works in a huge variety of source.
    the only problem i'm facing is the not resizable GUI. In my 4k monitor it's very small, I mean, really small.
  • Gran pegada

    by Gabriel
    Gran pegada y versatilidad
  • Can you say SLAM!?

    by Ettienne Lane
    This compressor really slams down on a sound source, keeping it in tact. This works well for bass and electric guitar. For vocals I would suggest setting the mix knob to round about 40% so that your vocal can breath through the compression in order to sound natural. It works well like this and warms up a vocal nicely.
  • really cool plugin

    by Sunderain
    really cool plugin
  • Excellent

    by Tryggvasson
    One of the few versions of an 1176 that I can use as more than a one trick pony. The wider range attack and release go a long way. Warm, great sheen, probably modeled after a cleaner version. Generally, Lindell plugins are excellent.
  • what a nice tool

    by Julian
    I have bought myself the Channel X Modules during Mega Sale and wanted to have a little 1176 Comp Version (since PA only has the Purple next to the 7x-500) to throw it on Vocals when I am editing / mixing Spokespersons .... it does the job very well and fast :)
  • Bang for the buck!

    by Gerard
    I'll be honest, I only bought this one because is cheap... what a great surprise!! This plugin is amazing, I find myself using it a lot. I'll copy this review to both brothers (pre, eq and comp are fantastic).
  • Lindell

    by Ger
    El mejor 1176
  • Joef

    by Great plugin!
    More than a 1176 emulation!
  • Emulation

    by Adán López
    Genial en muchas cosas, no hay duda que esté compresor hará el mejor trabajo tanto en grabación como en mezcla!