Customer Reviews

  • Great emulation

    by Deciphered Audio
    Great emulation smooth and silky planing to get the actual 500 gear so far so good it's on every mix i do now
  • Worthy

    by Emanater
    As I'm fairly new to this recording game I've struggled with compression the most. This one has helped me work a few things out.
    I noticed along with most other compressors it doesn't work on everything but I was really surprised by some of the results I got with it on what it did work on. I'm not sure if it's just me but I did notice that pushing it hard doesn't really overdo it as compared to others that obliterate everything.
    I love the drum presets on this one, both the parallel and the Bonham style presets really inpressed me and probably the most out of all the presets.
    Overall it's simple to use but I'm still getting used to compression so this has made it a little simpler for me.
    Well worth the money.
  • Punch

    by sleen
    I love the punch it gives you on vocals. Also nice on acoustic guitars.
    Good to have it in the arsenal!
  • Lindell Audio 7x-500

    by Lindell Audio 7x-500
    Great sound. Very good for vocals!
  • not my cuppa

    by Mixthatrecord
    Unlike my other Lindell plugins, I'm somehow not impressed. It does the trick and I like the parallel compression knob, but it's just not so versatile. My opinion - great on guitars and bass, not on the drums or vox
  • 7X-500 FET

    by JH Studio
    If you like the 1176 sound but wish that it had a mix knob and variable ratios, this is your answer. Classic tone with modern controls.
  • Love Lindell

    by Black Frost
    I use Lindell VSTs all the time, they are very useful to warm, fat and punch up drum samples, which then sound really natural, but also distorted guitars or bass, so pretty much everything I do gets a Lindell treatment for sure. Quite intuitive to handle and really cool sounding. If you want to de-digitalise your sound, which is my aim, you need this.
  • My overall favorite 1176-style compressor. Totally fantastic.

    by In-Stereo
    This is one of my favorite 1176-style compressors that I own, and I own most of the big players (UAD, Softube, Slate, etc.). It is punchy as all hell and has a rich sound to it that is wonderful to use. It's versatile and flexible, as well.
    Two issues:
    1. You can't see the values of what you're adjusting. For precise post-production (and music!) mixing, this is a must-have feature that should be there like it is in many other PIA plugins.
    2. With the "vintage" switch on you get a nice sound but you also get noise. As I've said for other Lindell plugin reviews: Noise is a cute thing to add, but it should without a single doubt be optional while still getting the nice overall tone of the unit. The two are not co-dependent.
  • 7X-500

    by hops
    other "76 fet" comp plugins don't really work in heavy techno however this is my go to drum compressor it gives that lovely squished heavy compressed sound on techno drums .Dial back the attack to medium slam the output makes your ears feel like they are imploding on big systems . drop the kick and the tops just spring into action like being hit in the face with a bag of padlocks
  • The Lindell 7X-500

    by AuDioLeaD
    1 word 'Brillant' used it on all my tracks for my latest film.