Customer Reviews

  • Easy & Good

    by Dr.Q
    You will love it!
  • 7x-500

    by turkaynisanci
    Awesome plugin, especially perfect on drum tracks and drum buss. Use it every mix, thanks to plugin alliance family!!!
  • Lindell Audio 7X-500

    by Pseudocool
    This is an excellent sounding emulation of a time-honored classic. While outfitted with enough options to satiate the most adventurous of sonic appetites, the majority of my usage ended up exploiting its "set it and leave it" convenience. Snare drums were livelier, with a snappy attitude and forward presence. Guitars gained authority and heft. Vocals exhibited a good bit of both. Nice!
  • 7X-500

    by Kevin
    I've been using the Urei 1176 for years as my "go to" compressor. This is the 1176 on steroids. Love it.
  • Nice plugins

    by Konstantinos
    well.....nice compressor....clean and real...!
  • 7X-500

    by Domenico
    as always in best form - and a big thank you for the always fair offers :-)
  • Great emulation

    by Deciphered Audio
    Great emulation smooth and silky planing to get the actual 500 gear so far so good it's on every mix i do now
  • Worthy

    by Emanater
    As I'm fairly new to this recording game I've struggled with compression the most. This one has helped me work a few things out.
    I noticed along with most other compressors it doesn't work on everything but I was really surprised by some of the results I got with it on what it did work on. I'm not sure if it's just me but I did notice that pushing it hard doesn't really overdo it as compared to others that obliterate everything.
    I love the drum presets on this one, both the parallel and the Bonham style presets really inpressed me and probably the most out of all the presets.
    Overall it's simple to use but I'm still getting used to compression so this has made it a little simpler for me.
    Well worth the money.
  • Punch

    by sleen
    I love the punch it gives you on vocals. Also nice on acoustic guitars.
    Good to have it in the arsenal!
  • Lindell Audio 7x-500

    by Lindell Audio 7x-500
    Great sound. Very good for vocals!